Job 23:1-17

23  And Job proceeded to answer and say:   “Even today my state of concern+ is rebelliousness;My own hand is heavy on account of my sighing.   O that I really knew where I might find him!+I would come clear to his fixed place.+   I would present before* him a case of justice,And my mouth I would fill with counterarguments;   I would know the words with which he answers me,And I would consider what he says to me.+   Would he with an abundance of power contend with me?O no! Surely he himself would pay heed to me.+   There the upright one himself will certainly set matters straight with him,And I would go safe forever from my judge.*   Look! To the east I go, and he is not there;And back again, and I cannot discern him;+   To the left where he is working, but I cannot behold [him];He turns aside* to the right, but I do not see [him]. 10  For he well knows the way I take.+[After] he has tested me out, I shall come forth as gold itself.+ 11  Of his steps* my foot has laid hold;His way I have kept, and I do not deviate.+ 12  [From] the commandment of his lips I do not move away.+I have treasured up the sayings of his mouth+ more than what is prescribed for me. 13  And he is in one [mind], and who can resist him?+And his own soul has a desire, and he will do [it].+ 14  For he will carry out completely what is prescribed for me,+And things like these are many with him. 15  That is why I feel disturbed because of him;I show myself attentive and am in dread of him.+ 16  Even God* himself has made my heart timid,+And the Almighty himself has disturbed me.+ 17  For I have not been put to silence because of darkness,Nor because gloom has covered my own face.


Or, “against.” Compare Ge 10:9 ftn, “Opposition to.”
Or, “from my opponent-at-law,” by a correction.
“I turn aside,” SyVg.
“Steps,” LXXSyVg; M, “step.”
“Even God.” Heb., weʼElʹ.