Job 19:1-29

19  And Job proceeded to answer and say:   “How long will YOU men keep irritating my soul+And keep crushing me with words?+   These ten times YOU proceeded to rebuke me;YOU are not ashamed [that] YOU deal so hard with me.+   And, granted that I have made a mistake,+It is with me that my mistake will lodge.*   If for a fact against me YOU men do put on great airs,+And YOU show my reproach to be proper against me,+   KNOW, then, that God* himself has misled me,And his hunting net he has closed in upon me.+   Look! I keep crying out, ‘Violence!’ but I get no answer;+I keep crying for help, but there is no justice.+   My very path he has blocked with a stone wall,+ and I cannot pass over;And upon my roadways he puts darkness itself.+   My own glory he has stripped from me,+And he takes away the crown of my head. 10  He pulls me down on all sides, and I go away;And he pulls my hope out just like a tree. 11  His anger also grows hot against me,+And he keeps reckoning me as an adversary of his. 12  Unitedly his troops come and cast up their way against me,+And they camp round about my tent. 13  My own brothers he has put far away from me,+And the very ones knowing me have even turned aside from me. 14  My intimate acquaintances* have ceased to be,+And those known by me have themselves forgotten me, 15  Those residing as aliens in my house;+ and my slave girls themselves reckon me as a stranger;A real foreigner I have become in their eyes. 16  To my servant I have called, but he does not answer.With my own mouth I keep imploring him for compassion. 17  My breath* itself has become loathsome to my wife,+And I have become foul-smelling to the sons of my [mother’s] belly. 18  Also young boys themselves have rejected me;+Let me but rise up, and they begin to speak against me. 19  All the men of my intimate group detest me,+And those whom I loved have turned against me.+ 20  To my skin and to my flesh my bones actually cleave,+And I escape with the skin of my teeth.* 21  Show me some favor, show me some favor, O YOU my companions,+For God’s* own hand has touched me.+ 22  Why do YOU men keep persecuting me as God* does,+And not become satisfied with my very flesh? 23  O that now my words were written down!O that in a book they were even inscribed! 24  With an iron stylus+ and [with] lead,Forever in the rock O that they were hewn! 25  And I myself well know that my redeemer*+ is alive,And that, coming after [me], he will rise up+ over [the] dust. 26  And after my skin, [which] they have skinned off,—this!Yet reduced in my flesh* I shall behold God,* 27  Whom even I shall behold for myself,+And [whom] my very eyes will certainly see, but not some stranger.My kidneys have failed deep within me. 28  For YOU men say, ‘Why do we keep persecuting+ him?’When the very root of [the] matter is found in me.* 29  Be frightened for yourselves because of a sword,+For the sword means a raging against errors,In order that YOU men may know there is a judge.”*+


LXX adds: “by saying a thing that was not necessary, and my sayings (utterances) are mistaken (err) and not seasonable (timely).”
“God.” Heb., ʼElohʹah, sing. of ʼElo·himʹ.
Or, “My relations.”
“My breath (spirit).” Heb., ru·chiʹ; Lat., haʹli·tum.
“And my flesh becomes hairless in my teeth,” by another derivation of the verb and some corrections of M. Compare 13:14.
“God’s.” Heb., ʼElohʹah.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
“My redeemer (repurchaser).” By extension of thought, “my avenger (vindicator).” Heb., goʹʼali; Lat., re·demʹptor. See Nu 35:21; Ps 19:14; Pr 23:11; Isa 63:16; Jer 50:34.
Lit., “Yet out of my flesh,” or, “Yet apart from my flesh.”
“God.” Heb., ʼElohʹah.
According to M; LXX, “we shall find in him.”
“There is a judge,” T and by a different vowel pointing of M (see 1Sa 24:15); others make it read, “there is an Almighty.”