Job 18:1-21

18  And Bilʹdad the Shuʹhite proceeded to answer and say:   “How long will YOU people be at putting an end to words?YOU should understand, that afterward we may speak.   Why should we be reckoned as beasts+[And] be regarded as unclean in YOUR eyes?   He is tearing his soul to pieces in his anger.For your sake will the earth be abandoned,Or a rock move away from its place?   The light also of wicked ones will be extinguished+And the spark of his fire will not shine.   A light itself will certainly grow dark in his tent,+And in it his own lamp will be extinguished.   His steps of vigor* will become cramped.Even his counsel will cast him off.+   For he will indeed be let go into a net by his feet,And onto a network he will walk.+   A trap will seize [him] by the heel;+A snare+ keeps hold upon him. 10  A cord for him is hidden on the earth,And a catching device for him on [his] pathway. 11  Round about, sudden terrors certainly make him start up in fright,+And indeed chase him at his feet. 12  His vigor becomes famished,And disaster+ stands ready to make him limp. 13  It will eat the pieces of his skin;*The firstborn of death* will eat his limbs. 14  His confidence will be torn away from his own tent+And it will march him to the king of terrors. 15  There will reside in his tent something that is not his;Sulphur+ will be strewed upon his own abiding place. 16  Underneath will his very roots dry up,+And, up above, his bough will wither. 17  The very mentioning of him will certainly perish from the earth,+And he will have no name out in the street. 18  They will push him out of the light into the darkness,And from the productive land* they will chase him away. 19  He will have no posterity and no progeny among his people,+And there will be no survivor in his place of alien residence. 20  At his day the people in the West will indeed stare in amazement,And a shudder will certainly seize even the people in the East. 21  Only these are the tabernacles of a wrongdoer,And this is the place of one that has not known God.”*


Or, “uncanny power.”
“His skin will be eaten by disease,” by a slight correction of M.
“The firstborn of death,” that is, the most deadly disease.
“And from the productive land.” Heb., u·mit·te·velʹ; Lat., et de orʹbe, “and from the [terrestrial] circle.”
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.