Job 13:1-28

13  “Look! All this my eye has seen,My ear has heard and considers it.   What YOU men know I myself well know also;I am not inferior to YOU.*+   However, I, for my part, would speak to the Almighty himself,+And in arguing with God* I would find delight.   On the other hand, YOU men are smearers of falsehood;+All of YOU are physicians of no value.+   If only YOU would absolutely keep silent,That it might prove to be wisdom on YOUR part!+   Hear, please, my counterarguments,+And to the pleadings of my lips pay attention.   Will YOU men speak unrighteousness for God himself,And for him will YOU speak deceit?+   Will YOU be treating him with partiality,+Or for the [true] God will YOU contend at law?   Would it be good that he sound YOU out?+Or as one trifles with mortal man will YOU trifle with him? 10  He will positively reprove YOU+If in secrecy YOU try to show partiality;*+ 11  Will not his very dignity make YOU start up with fright,And the very dread of him fall upon YOU?+ 12  YOUR memorable sayings are proverbs of ashes;YOUR shield bosses* are as shield bosses of clay.+ 13  KEEP silent before me, that I myself may speak.Then let come upon me whatever it may be! 14  Why do I carry my flesh in my teethAnd place my own soul* in my palm?+ 15  Even if he would slay me, would I not wait?*+I would only argue to his face for my own ways. 16  He* would also be my salvation,+For before him no apostate will come in.+ 17  HEAR my word clear through,+And let my declaration be in YOUR ears. 18  Look! Please, I have presented a case of justice;+I well know that I myself am in the right. 19  Who is the one that will contend with me?+For now were I to become silent I should simply expire! 20  Only two things do not do* to me;In that case I shall not conceal myself just on your account;+ 21  Put your own hand far away from upon me,And the fright of you—may it not terrify me.+ 22  Either call that I myself may answer;Or may I speak, and you return me answer. 23  In what way do I have errors and sins?Make me to know my own revolt and my own sin. 24  Why do you conceal your very face+And regard me as an enemy of yours?+ 25  Will you make a mere leaf driven about quiver,Or keep chasing after mere dry stubble? 26  For you keep writing against me bitter things+And you make me possess [the consequences of] the errors of my youth.+ 27  You also keep my feet put in the stocks,+And you watch all my paths;For the soles* of my feet you mark your own line. 28  And he* is like something rotten* that wears out;+Like a garment that a moth actually eats up.+


See 12:3 ftn.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
“Show partiality,” M; TSyVg, “treat him with partiality.”
Or, “your breastworks.”
“And . . . my own soul.” Heb., wenaph·shiʹ; Gr., psy·khenʹ; Lat., aʹni·mam. Compare Jg 12:3; 1Sa 19:5.
Or, “I would not wait,” M; MmarginTSyVg, “for him I would wait.”
Or, “That.”
“Do.” The Heb. verb is sing. to agree with “you” and “your(s)” addressed to God in vss 20-27.
Lit., “roots of.”
“He,” that is, Job.
“Something rotten (rottenness),” MVg; LXX, “skin bag”; Sy, “leather bag.”