Job 10:1-22

10  “My soul certainly feels a loathing toward my life.+I will give vent to my concern about myself.*I will speak in the bitterness of my soul!   I shall say to God,* ‘Do not pronounce me wicked.Cause me to know why it is that you are contending with me.   Is it good for you that you should do wrong,+That you should reject [the product of] the hard work of your hands,*+And that upon the counsel of wicked ones you should actually beam?   Do you have eyes+ of flesh,Or is it as a mortal man sees that you see?+   Are your days like the days of mortal man,+Or your years just like the days of an able-bodied man,   That you should try to find my errorAnd for my sin you should keep looking?+   This in spite of your own knowledge that I am not in the wrong,+And there is no one delivering out of your own hand?+   Your own hands have shaped me so that they made me+In entirety round about, and yet you would swallow me up.   Remember, please, that out of clay+ you have made meAnd to dust you will make me return.+ 10  Did you not proceed to pour me out as milk itselfAnd like cheese to curdle me?+ 11  With skin and flesh you proceeded to clothe meAnd with bones and sinews to weave me together.+ 12  Life and loving-kindness* you have worked with me;+And your own care+ has guarded my spirit.* 13  And these things you have concealed in your heart.I well know that these things are with you. 14  If I have sinned+ and you have kept watching meAnd of my error you do not hold me innocent;+ 15  If I am actually in the wrong, too bad for me!+And [if] I am actually in the right, I may not raise my head,+Glutted with dishonor and saturated with affliction.+ 16  And [if] it acts haughtily,+ like a young lion you will hunt for me,+And you will again show yourself marvelous in my case. 17  You will bring forth new witnesses* of yours in front of me,And you will make your vexation with me greater;Hardship after hardship is with me.* 18  So why from a womb did you bring me out?+Could I have expired,* that not even an eye could see me, 19  There as though I had not come to be I should have become;From the belly to the burial place I should have been brought.’ 20  Are not my days few?+ Let him leave off,Let him turn his gaze from me, that I may brighten up+ a little 21  Before I go away—and I shall not come back+To the land of darkness and deep shadow,*+ 22  To the land of obscurity like gloom, of deep shadowAnd disorder, where it beams no more than gloom does.”


“About myself,” MVg; LXX, “about him.”
“God.” Heb., ʼElohʹah.
Or, “palms.”
“My spirit (breath).” Heb., ru·chiʹ; Gr., pneuʹma; Lat., spiʹri·tum.
Or, “loyal love.”
“Witnesses,” MVg; LXX, “testing”; Sy, “weapons.”
Or, “one shift of compulsory labor after another is with me.”
Or, “Let me expire.”
Lit., “death shadow.”