Jeremiah 14:1-22

14  [This is] what occurred as the word of Jehovah to Jeremiah* concerning the matters of the droughts:+  Judah has gone mourning,+ and its very gates have faded away.+ They have become dejected to the earth,+ and even the outcry of Jerusalem has gone up.+  And their majestic ones themselves have sent their insignificant* ones for water.+ They have come to the ditches. They have found no water.+ They have returned with their vessels empty. They have been put to shame+ and have been disappointed, and they have covered their head.+  On account of the soil that has been shattered because there has occurred no downpour upon the land,+ the farmers have become ashamed; they have covered their head.+  For even the hind in the field has given birth, but leaving* [it], because there proved to be no tender grass.  And the zebras+ themselves have stood still upon the bare hills; they have snuffed up the wind like the jackals; their eyes have failed because there is no vegetation.+  Even if our own errors do testify against us, O Jehovah, act for the sake of your name;+ for our acts of unfaithfulness have become many;+ it is against you that we have sinned.+  O you the hope of Israel,*+ the Savior of him+ in the time of distress,+ why do you become like an alien resident in the land, and like a traveler that has turned aside to spend the night?+  Why do you become like a man* astounded, like a mighty man* that is unable to do any saving?+ Yet you yourself are in the midst of us,+ O Jehovah, and upon us it is that your own name has been called.+ Do not let us down. 10  This is what Jehovah has said concerning this people: “Thus they have loved to wander about;+ their feet they have not kept in check.+ So Jehovah himself has taken no pleasure in them.+ Now he will remember their error and will give attention to their sins.”+ 11  And Jehovah proceeded to say to me: “Do not pray in behalf of this people for any good.+ 12  When they fast, I am not listening to their entreating cry;+ and when they offer up the whole burnt offering and the grain offering, I am taking no pleasure in them;+ for by the sword and by famine and by pestilence I am bringing them to their end.”+ 13  At this I said: “Alas, O Sovereign Lord Jehovah! Here the prophets are saying to them, ‘YOU will see no sword, and there will be no famine to happen to YOU, but true peace* is what I shall give YOU in this place.’”+ 14  And Jehovah went on to say to me: “Falsehood is what the prophets are prophesying in my name.+ I have not sent them, nor have I commanded them or spoken to them.+ A false vision and divination and a valueless thing+ and the trickiness of their heart they are speaking prophetically to YOU people.+ 15  Therefore this is what Jehovah has said concerning the prophets who are prophesying in my name and whom I myself did not send and who are saying that no sword or famine will occur in this land, ‘By sword and by famine those prophets will come to their finish.+ 16  And the very people to whom they are prophesying will become people cast out into the streets of Jerusalem because of the famine and the sword, with no one to do the burying of them—them, their wives and their sons and their daughters.+ And I will pour out upon them their calamity.’+ 17  “And you must say to them this word, ‘Let my eyes run down with tears night and day and let them not keep still,+ for with a great crash the virgin daughter of my people has been broken,+ with an extremely sickish stroke.+ 18  If I actually go out into the field, look, now, those slain by the sword!+ And if I actually come into the city, look, also, the maladies from the famine!+ For both the prophet and the priest themselves have gone around to a land that they have not known.’”+ 19  Have you absolutely rejected Judah,+ or has your soul abhorred even Zion?+ Why is it that you have struck us, so that there is no healing for us?+ There was a hoping for peace, but no good [came]; and for a time of healing, and, look! terror!+ 20  We do acknowledge, O Jehovah, our wickedness, the error of our forefathers,+ for we have sinned against you.+ 21  Do not disrespect [us] for the sake of your name;+ do not despise your glorious throne.+ Remember; do not break your covenant with us.+ 22  Do there exist among the vain idols+ of the nations any that can pour down rain, or can even the heavens themselves give copious showers?+ Are you not the One, O Jehovah our God?+ And we hope in you, for you yourself have done all these things.+


See 1:1 ftn, “Jeremiah.”
Or, “small; young,” such as attendants, servants.
In Heb. this is a verb in the infinitive absolute.
LXX and 13 Heb. mss add “Jehovah.”
“Like a man.” Heb., keʼishʹ.
“Like a mighty man.” Heb., keghib·bohrʹ.
Or, “peace in trueness.”