Hosea 5:1-15

5  “Hear this, O priests,+ and pay attention, O house of Israel, and YOU, O house of the king,+ give ear, for with YOU people the judgment has to do; because a trap+ is what YOU have become to Mizʹpah and as a net spread over Taʹbor.+  And in slaughter work those falling away have gone deep down,+ and I was an exhortation to all of them.+  I personally have known Eʹphra·im,+ and Israel itself has not been hidden from me.+ For now, O Eʹphra·im, you have treated [women] like harlots;+ Israel has defiled itself.+  Their dealings do not permit of a returning to their God,*+ because there is a spirit of fornication+ in the midst of them; and Jehovah himself they have not acknowledged.+  And the pride of Israel has testified to his face;+ and Israel and Eʹphra·im themselves are made to stumble in their error.+ Judah has also stumbled with them.+  With their flock and with their herd they proceeded to go and look for Jehovah, but they could not find [him].+ He had drawn away from them.  With Jehovah himself they have dealt treacherously,+ for it is to strange sons that they have become father.+ Now a month will devour them with their portions.+  “BLOW a horn*+ in Gibʹe·ah,+ a trumpet* in Raʹmah! SHOUT a war cry at Beth-aʹven+—after you, O Benjamin!+  O Eʹphra·im, a mere object of astonishment you will become in the day of rebuke.+ Among the tribes of Israel I have made known trustworthy words.+ 10  The princes of Judah have become just like those moving back a boundary.+ Upon them I shall pour out my fury just like water. 11  Eʹphra·im is oppressed, crushed in justice,+ for he had taken it upon himself to walk after his adversary.*+ 12  And I was like the moth*+ to Eʹphra·im and just like rottenness to the house of Judah. 13  “And Eʹphra·im got to see his sickness, and Judah his ulcer.+ And Eʹphra·im proceeded to go to As·syrʹi·a+ and send to a great king.*+ But that one himself was unable to give healing to YOU people,+ and he could not take from YOU an ulcer with any cure.+ 14  For I shall be like a young lion to Eʹphra·im+ and like a maned young lion to the house of Judah. I, I myself shall tear to pieces and I shall go [and] carry off, and there will be no deliverer.+ 15  I shall go, I will return to my place until they bear their guilt;+ and they will certainly seek my face.+ When they are in sore straits,+ they will seek me.”+


“Their God.” Heb., ʼElo·heh·hemʹ.
That is, a straight trumpet. Heb., chatso·tserahʹ; not the shofar, which was a ram’s curved horn. See Nu 10:2.
Or, “shofar.” Heb., shoh·pharʹ.
“His adversary,” by a correction; M, “a commandment”; LXXSy, “vanities”; Vg, “filth.”
Possibly, “putrefaction.” LXX, “disturbance.”
Or, “King Jareb.” Lit., “a king [that] should contend.”