Hosea 12:1-14

12  “Eʹphra·im is feeding on wind*+ and chasing after the east wind all day long.+ Lying and despoiling are what he multiplies.+ And a covenant with As·syrʹi·a they conclude,+ and to Egypt oil itself is brought.  “And Jehovah has a legal case with Judah,+ even to hold an accounting against Jacob according to his ways;+ according to his dealings he will repay him.+  In the belly he seized his brother by the heel,*+ and with his dynamic energy he contended with God.*+  And he kept contending with an angel and gradually prevailed.+ He wept, that he might implore favor for himself.”+ At Bethʹel He got to find him,+ and there He began talking with us.*+  And Jehovah the God of the armies,*+ Jehovah is his memorial.+  “And as respects you, to your God you should return,+ keeping loving-kindness*+ and justice;+ and let there be a hoping in your God constantly.+  As regards [the] tradesman,* in his hand are the scales of deception;+ to defraud is what he has loved.+  And Eʹphra·im keeps saying, ‘Indeed, I have become rich;+ I have found valuable things for myself.+ As regards all my toiling, they will find, on my part, no error that is sin.’+  “But I am Jehovah your God from the land of Egypt.+ Yet I shall make you dwell in the tents as in the days of an appointed time. 10  And I spoke to the prophets,+ and visions I myself multiplied, and by the hand of the prophets I kept making likenesses.+ 11  “With Gilʹe·ad* what is uncanny,+ also untruth,+ have occurred. In Gilʹgal they have sacrificed even bulls.+ Moreover, their altars are* like piles of stones in the furrows of the open field.+ 12  And Jacob proceeded to run away to the field of Syria,*+ and Israel+ kept serving for a wife,*+ and for a wife he guarded [sheep].+ 13  And by a prophet Jehovah brought up Israel out of Egypt,+ and by a prophet he was guarded.+ 14  Eʹphra·im caused offense to bitterness,+ and his deeds of bloodshed he leaves upon his own self,+ and his reproach his grand Master* will repay to him.”+


“Wind.” Heb., ruʹach. See Ge 1:2 ftn, “Force.”
Or, “he supplanted his brother.”
“God.” Heb., ʼElo·himʹ.
“Us,” MTVg; LXXSy, “him.”
“The God of the armies,” MVg; LXX, “the God almighty.”
Or, “loyal love.”
Or, “Canaanite.” Heb., kenaʹʽan; Gr., Kha·na·anʹ; Lat., Chaʹna·an. See Zec 14:21 ftn.
Or, “will be.”
“With Gilead,” by a slight correction; M, “If Gilead.”
“Syria,” LXXVg; MSy, “Aram.”
Or, “for a woman.” Heb., beʼish·shahʹ.
“His grand Master.” Heb., ʼAdho·navʹ, pl. of ʼA·dhohnʹ, to denote excellence or grandeur, accompanied by the sing. verb “repay.” Compare Ge 39:2 ftn.