Ezekiel 19:1-14

19  “And as for you, raise a dirge+ concerning the chieftains of Israel,+  and you must say, ‘What was your mother? A lioness among lions.*+ She lay down in among maned young lions. She reared her cubs.  “‘And gradually she brought up one of her cubs.+ A maned young lion is what he became, and he began to learn how to tear apart prey.+ He devoured even earthling man.*  And nations kept hearing about him. In their pit he was caught, and they proceeded to bring him by means of hooks* to the land of Egypt.+  “‘When she got to see that she had waited [and] her hope had perished, then she took another of her cubs.+ As a maned young lion she put him forth.  And he began to walk about in the midst of lions. A maned young lion is what he became. And he gradually learned how to tear apart prey.+ He devoured even earthling man.+  And he got to know his dwelling towers,* and he devastated even their cities,+ so that the land was laid desolate and he filled it with the sound of his roaring.+  And nations all around from the jurisdictional districts began to set* against him+ and got to spread over him their net.+ In their pit he was caught.+  Finally they put him in the cage by means of hooks* and brought him to the king of Babylon.*+ They got to bring him by means of hunting nets, in order that his voice might no more be heard on the mountains of Israel.+ 10  “‘Your mother+ was like a vine in your blood,*+ planted by waters. A bearer of fruit and full of branches she became because of abundant water.+ 11  And they came to be for her strong rods, meant for the scepters of rulers.+ And its height gradually became tall up among branches, and it got to be visible because of its tallness, because of the abundance of its foliage.+ 12  But she was finally uprooted in fury.+ To the earth she was thrown, and there was an east wind that dried up her fruit.+ Her strong rod was torn off and became dry.+ Fire itself devoured it.+ 13  And now she is planted in the wilderness,+ in a waterless and thirsty land.+ 14  And fire proceeded to come forth from [her] rod.+ It devoured her very shoots, her very fruit, and there proved to be in her no strong rod, no scepter for ruling.+ “‘That is a dirge, and it will become a dirge.’”+


“Lions.” Heb., ʼara·yohthʹ, African lions.
“Earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
Or, “thorns”; put through the cheek or nose of animals as well as of captives in order to lead them on a rope.
“Dwelling towers; palaces,” by the substitution of a letter; M, “widows.”
Possibly, “camp,” by changing the letter Taw to Chehth.
“Babylon,” LXX­Vg; MTSy, “Babel.”
See vs 4 ftn.
“In your blood,” MSy­Vg; two Heb. mss, “of your vineyard”; T, “she used to resemble.”