Exodus 27:1-21

27  “And you must make the altar of acacia wood, five cubits its length and five cubits its width. The altar+ should be foursquare, and its height three cubits.  And you must make its horns+ upon its four corners. Its horns will proceed out of it, and you must overlay it with copper.+  And you must make its cans for clearing away its fatty ashes,* and its shovels, and its bowls, and its forks, and its fire holders; and you will make all its utensils* of copper.+  And you must make a grating for it, a network+ of copper; and you must make upon the net four rings of copper at its four extremities.  And you must put it under the altar’s rim down within, and the net must be toward the center of the altar.+  And you must make poles for the altar, its poles being of acacia wood, and you must overlay them with copper.+  And its poles must be put into the rings, and the poles must be upon the two sides of the altar when carrying it.+  A hollow chest of planks you will make it. Just as he showed you* in the mountain, so they will make it.+  “And you must make the courtyard+ of the tabernacle. For the side toward the Negʹeb, to the south, the courtyard has hangings of fine twisted linen,+ a hundred cubits being the length for the one side. 10  And its twenty pillars and their twenty socket pedestals are of copper. The pegs of the pillars and their joints* are of silver.+ 11  So, too, it is for the north side in length, the hangings being for a hundred cubits of length, and its twenty pillars and their twenty socket pedestals being of copper, the pegs of the pillars and their joints being of silver.+ 12  As for the width of the courtyard, on the west side the hangings are of fifty cubits, their pillars being ten and their socket pedestals ten.+ 13  And the width of the courtyard on the east side toward the sunrising is fifty cubits.+ 14  And there are fifteen cubits of hangings to one side,* their pillars being three and their socket pedestals three.+ 15  And for the other side there are fifteen cubits of hangings, their pillars being three and their socket pedestals three.+ 16  “And for the gate of the courtyard there is a screen twenty cubits long, of blue thread and wool dyed reddish purple and coccus scarlet material and fine twisted linen, the work of a weaver,+ their pillars being four and their socket pedestals four.+ 17  All the pillars of the courtyard round about have fastenings of silver, and their pegs are of silver but their socket pedestals of copper.+ 18  The length of the courtyard is a hundred cubits,+ and the width fifty cubits,* and the height five cubits, of fine twisted linen, and their socket pedestals being of copper. 19  And all the utensils* of the tabernacle in all its service, and all its tent pins, and all the pins of the courtyard are of copper.+ 20  “As for you, you are to command the sons of Israel that they get for you pure, beaten olive oil for the luminary, in order to light up the lamps constantly.+ 21  In the tent of meeting, outside the curtain+ that is by the Testimony, Aaron and his sons will set it in order from evening till morning before Jehovah.+ It is a statute to time indefinite for their generations,+ to be performed by the sons of Israel.+


“Fatty ashes,” that is, the burned wood of the altar, soaked with animal fat.
“And all its utensils,” LXXSy; M, “as respects all its utensils.”
“Just as he showed you,” MSamSy; LXX, “According to what was shown you”; Vg, “Just as it has been shown to you.”
Or, “rings; hoops; bands; fillets,” for attachments.
Lit., “shoulder.”
“Fifty cubits,” Sam; MLXXSy, “fifty by fifty”; Vg, “fifty [cubits].” See App 8A.
Or, “furniture; furnishings.”