2 Thessalonians 2:1-17

2  However, brothers, respecting the presence*+ of our* Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him,+ we request of YOU  not to be quickly shaken from YOUR reason nor to be excited either through an inspired expression*+ or through a verbal message+ or through a letter+ as though from us, to the effect that the day+ of Jehovah* is here.  Let no one seduce YOU in any manner, because it will not come unless the apostasy*+ comes first and the man of lawlessness*+ gets revealed,+ the son of destruction.*+  He is set in opposition+ and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple* of The God,* publicly showing himself to be a god.+  Do YOU not remember that, while I was yet with YOU, I used to tell+ YOU these things?  And so now YOU know the thing+ that acts as a restraint,+ with a view to his being revealed in his own due time.+  True, the mystery of this lawlessness is already at work;+ but only till he who is right now acting as a restraint* gets to be out of the way.+  Then, indeed, the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus* will do away with by the spirit of his mouth+ and bring to nothing by the manifestation+ of his presence.+  But the lawless one’s presence* is according to the operation*+ of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and portents+ 10  and with every unrighteous deception*+ for those who are perishing,+ as a retribution because they did not accept the love+ of the truth that they might be saved.+ 11  So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie,+ 12  in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth+ but took pleasure* in unrighteousness.+ 13  However, we are obligated to thank God always for YOU, brothers loved by Jehovah,* because God selected YOU+ from [the] beginning for salvation by sanctifying+ YOU with spirit+ and by YOUR faith in the truth.+ 14  To this very destiny he called YOU through the good news we declare,+ for the purpose of acquiring the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.+ 15  So, then, brothers, stand firm+ and maintain YOUR hold on the traditions+ that YOU were taught, whether it was through a verbal message or through a letter of ours. 16  Moreover, may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved+ us and gave everlasting comfort and good hope+ by means of undeserved kindness, 17  comfort YOUR hearts and make YOU firm in every good deed and word.+


See App 5B.
“Our,” אADVgSyp; B, “the.”
Or, “through a spirit.”
See App 1D.
“Lawlessness,” אB; ADVgSyp, “sin.”
Or, “of annihilation.” See Mt 7:13 ftn.
“Apostasy.” Gr., a·po·sta·siʹa. This noun comes from the verb a·phiʹste·mi, “stand away from.” The noun has the sense of “desertion; abandonment; rebellion.” See Ac 21:21 ftn.
Or, “divine habitation (dwelling).” Gr., na·onʹ; Lat., temʹplo; J17,​18,​22(Heb.), beheh·khalʹ, “in the palace (temple) of.”
“The God.” Gr., tou The·ouʹ; J17,​22(Heb.), ha·ʼElo·himʹ, “the [true] God.” See Ge 5:22 ftn, “God.”
Lit., “the (one) holding down right now.”
“Jesus,” אAD*Vg; BDc omit.
Or, “whose presence,” referring to “whom” in vs 8. See App 5B.
Lit., “working within.”
Lit., “seduction.”
Lit., “having thought well.”
“Jehovah,” J13,​16,​24; אAB(Gr.), Ky·riʹou; D*Vg, “God.” See App 1D.