1 Thessalonians 5:1-28

5  Now as for the times and the seasons,*+ brothers, YOU need nothing to be written to YOU.  For YOU yourselves know quite well that Jehovah’s* day+ is coming exactly as a thief in the night.+  Whenever it is that they+ are saying: “Peace+ and security!” then sudden destruction+ is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman;+ and they will by no means escape.+  But YOU, brothers, YOU are not in darkness,+ so that that day should overtake YOU as it would thieves,*+  for YOU are all sons of light+ and sons of day.+ We belong neither to night nor to darkness.+  So, then, let us not sleep+ on as the rest do,+ but let us stay awake+ and keep our senses.*+  For those who sleep+ are accustomed to sleep at night,+ and those who get drunk are usually drunk at night.  But as for us who belong to the day, let us keep our senses and have on the breastplate+ of faith+ and love and as a helmet+ the hope of salvation;+  because God assigned us, not to wrath,+ but to the acquiring of salvation+ through our Lord Jesus Christ.*+ 10  He died for us,+ that, whether we stay awake or are asleep, we should live together with him.+ 11  Therefore keep comforting one another and building one another up,+ just as YOU are in fact doing.+ 12  Now we request YOU, brothers, to have regard for those who are working hard among YOU and presiding+ over* YOU in [the] Lord and admonishing YOU; 13  and to give them more than extraordinary consideration in love because of their work.+ Be peaceable with one another.+ 14  On the other hand, we exhort YOU, brothers, admonish the disorderly,+ speak consolingly to the depressed souls,+ support the weak, be long-suffering+ toward all. 15  See that no one renders injury for injury to anyone else,+ but always pursue what is good toward one another and to all others.+ 16  Always be rejoicing.+ 17  Pray incessantly.+ 18  In connection with everything give thanks.+ For this is the will of God in union with Christ Jesus respecting YOU. 19  Do not put out the fire of the spirit.+ 20  Do not treat prophesyings with contempt.+ 21  Make sure* of all things;+ hold fast to what is fine.+ 22  Abstain from every form of wickedness.+ 23  May the very God of peace+ sanctify YOU completely.+ And sound in every respect may the spirit and soul and body of YOU [brothers] be preserved in a blameless manner at the presence* of our Lord Jesus Christ.+ 24  He who is calling YOU is faithful, and he will also do it. 25  Brothers, continue in prayer for us.+ 26  Greet all the brothers with a holy kiss.+ 27  I am putting YOU under the solemn obligation by the Lord* for this letter to be read to all the brothers.+ 28  The undeserved kindness+ of our Lord Jesus Christ be with YOU.*


Or, “appointed times.” Gr., kai·ronʹ.
See App 1D.
“Overtake you as it would thieves,” AB; אDItVgSyh,pArm, “overtake you as a thief.”
Lit., “and may we be sober.”
“Christ,” אAVgSyp; B omits.
Or, “directing; taking the lead among.” Lit., “standing before.” Gr., pro·i·sta·meʹnous.
Lit., “Be you proving.”
See App 5B.
“The Lord,” אABVg; J7,​8,​13,​14,​16, “Jehovah.”
אADcItVgSyh,p close with “Amen”; BD*SyhiArm omit.