1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

1  Paul and Sil·vaʹnus*+ and Timothy+ to the congregation of the Thes·sa·loʹni·ans in union+ with God the Father and [the] Lord Jesus Christ: May YOU have undeserved kindness and peace.+  We always thank God when we make mention concerning all of YOU in our prayers,+  for we bear incessantly in mind YOUR faithful work*+ and [your] loving labor* and [your] endurance due to [your] hope+ in our Lord Jesus Christ before our God and Father.  For we know, brothers loved by God, his choosing of YOU,+  because the good news we preach did not turn up among YOU with speech alone but also with power+ and with holy spirit and strong conviction,*+ just as YOU know what sort of men we became to YOU for YOUR sakes;+  and YOU became imitators+ of us and of the Lord,+ seeing that YOU accepted the word under much tribulation+ with joy of holy spirit,+  so that YOU came to be an example to all the believers in Mac·e·doʹni·a and in A·chaʹia.*  The fact is, not only has the word of Jehovah*+ sounded forth from YOU in Mac·e·doʹni·a and A·chaʹia, but in every place YOUR faith+ toward God has spread abroad,+ so that we do not need to say anything.  For they themselves keep reporting about the way we first entered in among YOU and how YOU turned to God from [YOUR] idols+ to slave for a living+ and true+ God, 10  and to wait+ for his Son from the heavens,+ whom he raised up from the dead,+ namely, Jesus, who delivers us from the wrath which is coming.+


Or, “Silas.”
Or, “your work due to faith.”
Or, “[your] hard effort due to love.”
Lit., “full assurance.”
The Roman province of southern Greece with its capital at Corinth.
“Of Jehovah,” J7,​8,​17,​18,​22,​23; אcB(Gr.), tou Ky·riʹou; א*, “of God.” See App 1D.