Jehovah’s Witnesses Around the World

Korea, Republic of

  • Samcheong-dong, Seoul, South Korea—Teaching from the Bible

  • Daraengi Village, Namhae-do Island, South Korea​—Offering the brochure Listen to God

  • Nonsan-si, Chungnam, South Korea​—Sharing the Bible’s message with a householder who is collecting food from storage jars

Fast Facts—Korea, Republic of

  • 51,574,000—Population
  • 105,977—Ministers who teach the Bible
  • 1,261—Congregations
  • 1 to 488—Ratio of Jehovah’s Witnesses to population


Christian Neutrality in South Korea​—History of Faith and Courage

Since 1953, young Korean men who are Jehovah’s Witnesses have been imprisoned for conscientious objection to military service. In February 2019, this changed. Learn what led up to this history-making occasion.


Jehovah’s Witnesses Commemorate 100 Years in Korea

SEOUL, Korea—November 2012 is a special month for the more than 100,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses in South Korea, as they are recognizing their 100th anniversary in the country.