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What Is a Bible Study?

Jehovah’s Witnesses offer a Bible study program that answers many questions, including:

  • Who is God?

  • Does God really care about me?

  • How can I improve my marriage?

  • How can I find happiness in life?

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our Bible study program.

What is the format of the study course? We take such topics as “God” or “marriage” and examine different Bible verses that relate to the subject. By comparing them, we see what the Bible as a whole says about the topic, and in this way we let the Bible interpret itself.

To assist us in studying the Bible, we use the book What Can the Bible Teach Us? This book clearly presents, among other subjects, what the Bible really says about God, Jesus, and our future.

How much does a Bible study cost? The study is free, and there is no charge for the study material.

How long are the study sessions? Many people set aside an hour or so each week to study the Bible with us. But the length of the study is flexible. We’ll adapt it to your schedule.

What happens when I request a Bible study? When you request a Bible study, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses will visit you at a time and place convenient for you. He or she will take a few minutes to demonstrate our study program. If you like it, you can continue.

If I accept a Bible study, do I have to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses? No. Jehovah’s Witnesses love teaching people about the Bible, but we never force anyone to join our religion. Rather, we respectfully present what the Bible says, recognizing that each person has the right to choose what he or she will believe.—1 Peter 3:15.