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Mistaken for the Pastor

Mistaken for the Pastor

 Osman and his wife and daughter were witnessing using a literature cart outside a cemetery in Chile. Suddenly, a large funeral procession arrived playing loud music. Some of the people mistook Osman for their evangelical pastor, so they approached him, embraced him, and exclaimed, “Thank you for arriving on time, Pastor, we were expecting you!”

 Although Osman tried to clear up the misunderstanding, the noisy crowd could not understand him. A few minutes after the group went into the cemetery, a few people came back and said to him, “Pastor, we are waiting for you in the cemetery.”

 Once the noise had subsided, Osman was able to explain who he was and why he was there. After expressing disgust with their pastor for not coming, they asked Osman, “Would you come in and say a few words from the Bible to the group?” Osman agreed.

 On the way to the burial site, Osman asked them questions about the deceased and thought of a few scriptures he could share. After arriving at the graveside, he introduced himself to the crowd and explained that being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, he participates in a work of proclaiming good news to people.

 Then, using Revelation 21:3, 4 and John 5:28, 29, he explained that it was never God’s purpose for humans to die. Indeed, he said, God will soon resurrect the dead, and they will have the prospect of living forever on earth. When Osman was finished, many embraced him warmly and thanked him for “Jehovah’s message of good news.” He then returned to the literature cart.

 After the funeral, some of the mourners came to the witnessing cart and asked Osman and his family questions about the Bible. A lengthy conversation followed, and they left with nearly all the publications that were on the witnessing cart.