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A Blind Woman’s Prayers Are Answered

A Blind Woman’s Prayers Are Answered

 Yanmei, a Witness in Asia, offered to help a blind woman named Mingjie to cross the road. a Mingjie responded: “Thank you. May God bless you!” After that, Yanmei asked Mingjie if she would like to meet to discuss the Bible together. Mingjie later said that she had been praying every day to be guided to the true congregation of God. Why had she been making such a request?

 Mingjie explained that in 2008 she accepted an invitation from a blind friend to attend a church for the handicapped. After listening to the sermon, Mingjie asked the priest which book he had quoted from. He told her that it was the Bible, the truthful Word of God. Mingjie felt a strong desire to read it. So she obtained a Bible in Chinese braille and read the 32 volumes in about six months. As Mingjie advanced in her Bible reading, she concluded that the Trinity doctrine, which was taught at the church she attended, is false and that God has a name, Jehovah.

 In time, Mingjie became disheartened by the behavior of the church members. She realized that they were not living in harmony with what she was reading in the Bible. For example, the blind were given leftover food, while everyone else received fresh food. Mingjie was hurt by such injustices, so she began looking for other churches in her area. That was why Mingjie was praying to find the true Christian congregation.

 Moved by Yanmei’s act of kindness, Mingjie accepted her offer of a Bible study. Later, Mingjie attended her first meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Mingjie recounts: “I will never forget my first meeting. The brothers and sisters all greeted me warmly. I was very touched. Although I am blind, I felt the impartial love there.”

 Mingjie progressed well and began attending meetings regularly. She particularly enjoyed singing Kingdom songs, but she was limited because the songbook was not available in the braille she read. So with the help of the congregation, Mingjie made her own songbook. It took her 22 hours to transcribe all 151 songs! In April 2018, Mingjie started sharing in the public ministry and thereafter spent about 30 hours each month preaching.

Transcribing a book into braille is tedious work

 To help Mingjie prepare for baptism, Yanmei made an audio recording of the questions and the Bible verses in the book Organized to Do Jehovah’s Will. In July 2018, Mingjie was baptized. She says: “I was touched by the love shown by the brothers and sisters at that convention. I was moved to tears because at last I was part of the true congregation of God.” (John 13:34, 35) Now Mingjie, determined to display the same love that she received, serves as a full-time evangelizer.

a Names have been changed.