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“One Small Act of Honesty”

 Danielle, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in South Africa, found a bag that a customer had left behind in a coffee shop. Inside the bag was a wallet with money and credit cards. Determined to return the bag to its owner, Danielle searched for an address or phone number but found only a man’s name. She tried to contact the man through his bank but was unsuccessful. Undeterred, she then called the phone number on a doctor’s receipt that she found in the bag. The receptionist who answered the call agreed to give Danielle’s telephone number to the man.

 The man was surprised to receive a phone call from his doctor’s office, informing him that Danielle had found his bag and wanted to return it to him. When he arrived to collect it, he was greeted by Danielle and her father. They used the opportunity to tell him why they had gone to such lengths to find him. They explained that as Jehovah’s Witnesses, they try to live in harmony with Bible principles. That is why they are so concerned with always being honest.—Hebrews 13:18.

 A few hours later, the man sent a message to Danielle and her father, thanking them again for returning his bag and wallet. He wrote: “I greatly appreciate your determination to locate me. I was delighted to meet you and your family and will fondly remember you for being so warmhearted and friendly. As a gesture of my gratitude, I would like to make a donation to you. I know you make personal sacrifices to honor your God-appointed calling. Your actions are a testimony to your character, as seen in Danielle’s honesty and integrity. So once again, thank you and may God bless your ministry.”

 Some months later, Danielle’s father was again in contact with the man, who related what happened to him a short time before when he found a lost purse. While shopping, he discovered a purse lying on the ground. When he found the woman who owned the purse and returned it to her, he explained what moved him to do so. He had recently been the recipient of a similar act of honesty. He said: “One small act of honesty and kindness leads to another, making life better for everyone in the community.”