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He Learned From Prisoners

 A man came to Norway as a refugee from Eritrea in 2011. When Jehovah’s Witnesses called on him, he told them that he had met Witnesses in his homeland. He said that while he was in the military there, he had seen that Witnesses who were imprisoned for their faith refused to be pressured to enter the army, even when they were treated harshly.

 In a sudden turn of events, the man himself was put in prison. There he found himself with three Witnesses—Paulos Eyasu, Negede Teklemariam, and Isaac Mogos—who had been incarcerated for their faith since 1994.

 While in prison, this man saw firsthand that Jehovah’s Witnesses live by what they teach. He noted their honesty and that they even shared their food with other prisoners. He observed how his fellow prisoners who were Witnesses studied the Bible together every day and invited others to join them. When they were offered freedom if they would sign a statement renouncing their faith, they refused.

 This experience made a deep impression on this sincere man, and after settling in Norway, he wanted to find out why Jehovah’s Witnesses have such strong faith. Thus, when the Witnesses contacted him, he immediately began to study the Bible with them and to attend their meetings.

 In September 2018, he was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He now uses every opportunity he has to contact people from Eritrea and Sudan, encouraging them to study the Bible and develop strong faith.