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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Faithful Under Test

See how God’s Word helps Jehovah’s Witnesses to face trials of their faith successfully.

A Castle Where Faith Was Tested

A Spanish castle that imprisoned hundreds of Jehovah’s Witnesses, whose conscience did not allow them to perform military service.

We Would Not Compromise Our Faith

Daniel Lokollo recalls his persecution at the hands of prison guards.

Threats Did Not Stop Them From Serving Jehovah

How did the public react to violent opposition against Jehovah’s Witnesses in Georgia?

Determined to Be a Soldier of Christ

Demetrius Psarras was imprisoned for refusing to take up arms. Yet he continued to praise God, even in the face of the severe trials that followed.

The Kingdom Hope Is Not a Dream

Efraín De La Cruz has been imprisoned and cruelly beaten in seven penitentiaries for preaching the good news. How has he kept his zeal alive for over 60 years?

A Fearless Pioneer

During 60 years of service, André Elias maintained his integrity despite interrogation and threats.

I Found Peace With God and With My Mother

When Michiyo Kumagai stopped worshipping her ancestors, a breach was created with her mother. How was Michiyo able to make peace?