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Coping With Adversity

Jehovah’s Witnesses have found that health problems and disabilities do not need to deprive them of joy and fulfillment in life.

They Saw Love in Action

Three blind siblings, who could not read braille, make spiritual progress with the loving support of the congregation.

DeJanerio Brown: Broken but Not Destroyed

How does Jehovah help those dealing with sudden tragedies?

Selfless Despite Health Challenges

How is Maria Lúcia able to help others even though she is deaf and blind?

Serving Jehovah During Difficult Times in Venezuela

Our brothers and sisters in Venezuela remain zealous in their ministry and are “a source of great comfort” to one another.

Comforting Others Despite Her Health Challenges

Determined not to feel sorry for herself, Clodean asked God to give her the strength to comfort others.

She Remains Resilient Through Personal Tragedy

Virginia has suffered 23 years from locked-in syndrome. But her Christian hope gives her comfort and protection.

Serving God Is His Medicine!

Onesmus was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease. How have God’s promises recorded in the Bible encouraged him?

Finding Strength Out of Weakness

A wheelchair-bound woman gains “power beyond what is normal” through her faith.

Jehovah Has Given Me More Than I Deserve

Félix Alarcón found a real purpose in life after being in a motorcycle wreck that left him paralyzed from the neck down.

Drawing Near to God Has Been Good for Me

At nine years of age, Sarah Maiga stopped growing physically, but not spiritually.

I Found Hope When I Needed It Most

At 20 years of age, Miklós Aleksza became paralyzed due to a tragic accident. How did the Bible help him to find real hope for a better future?

“If Kingsley Can Do It, So Can I!”

Kingsley, from Sri Lanka, overcame major challenges to complete an assignment that lasted just a few minutes.

Living by Touch

James Ryan was born deaf and later became blind. What has given him a real purpose in life?

Being Deaf Has Not Held Me Back From Teaching Others

Walter Markin cannot hear, yet he has had a happy and rewarding life in service to Jehovah God.

Jairo’s Eyes—His Way to Serve God

Despite being afflicted with the most severe form of cerebral palsy, Jairo enjoys a happy and meaningful life.

Embracing Bible Truth Without Hands and Arms

A young man suffers a debilitating accident, yet he finds reason to believe in a Creator.

“I Refuse to Dwell On My Illness”

What gives Elisa the strength to endure the pain of a chronic disease and even sometimes to forget that she’s sick?

She Stuck to Her Beliefs

Song Hee Kang successfully faced a life-threatening medical condition when she was just 14.