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Bethel Tours

We warmly invite you to tour our branch offices, generally referred to as Bethel. Some of our offices also have self-guided exhibits.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alert: In many countries, we have suspended tours of our branches. For details, please contact the branch you would like to tour.

United States of America

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Warwick Self-Guided Exhibits

The Bible and the Divine Name. This exhibit features rare Bibles and highlights how God’s name has been preserved in the Scriptures despite efforts to remove it. The exhibit also includes a rotational gallery, which features additional rare Bibles and Bible-related artifacts.

A People for Jehovah’s Name. This exhibit provides a visual history of the spiritual heritage of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Artifacts, graphics, and first-person accounts show how Jehovah has progressively guided, taught, and organized his people to do his will.

World Headquarters—Faith in Action. This interactive exhibit explains the work of the Governing Body committees and how they help Jehovah’s Witnesses to follow the Scriptural directives to meet together, to make disciples, to take in spiritual food, and to show love toward one another.

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