Odval lives in Mongolia. She’s not quite sure how old she is, but she thinks she was born in 1921. At an early age, she cared for her parents’ livestock, and she attended school for only one year. She cannot read. Yet, recently a colorful brochure helped her to come to know God and to learn of the happy future that awaits those who listen to him. That knowledge has touched her heart.

The brochure, produced in 2011 by Jehovah’s Witnesses, is available in two versions. Both are beautifully illustrated but differ in that one has less text than the other.

The version that has more text, Listen to God and Live Forever, will soon be available in 583 languages; the other version, Listen to God, in 483. Compare this with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which by October 2013 had been translated into 413 languages. Additionally, the circulation of the two versions of this brochure has so far reached nearly 80 million copies.

In Brazil, an elderly woman happily accepted the Listen to God brochure and said: “It is good to know that there are people who care for those like me. I never accepted your magazines because I cannot read. But I want this brochure.”

Brigitte, an illiterate woman who lives in France, said: “Every day I look at the pictures in the brochure.”

From South Africa, a Witness writes: “I have not found a better brochure for introducing Bible truth to people in the Chinese field. I have sat down with some university graduates, very clever people, and also with people who can hardly read​—the complete spectrum. The Listen to God and Live Forever brochure enables me to impart basic Bible teachings quickly. Within half an hour, a foundation is laid.”

Witnesses in Germany study with an educated couple. The husband was very impressed with the brochure and said: “Why did you not give me this brochure earlier? It helps me to understand Biblical events and statements with ease.”

A deaf woman in Australia said: “For many years I lived with nuns in a convent. I was as close to the church leaders as anyone could be. Yet none of them taught me what God’s Kingdom is. The pictures in this brochure have helped me to understand what Matthew 6:​10 really means.”

The branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Canada writes: “After seeing the Listen to God brochure in Krio, many in the Sierra Leonean community here have been moved to comment that Jehovah’s Witnesses are really working hard to share the Bible’s message. Some have said, ‘You people care, while so many do not.’ ”