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JW.ORG Is Now Read in Over 300 Languages!

JW.ORG Is Now Read in Over 300 Languages!

If you click on the site language list on this page, you will see a list of over 300 languages​—something that you are unlikely to find on any other website!

How does that number compare to other well-known sites? Consider: As of July 2013, the United Nations website was available in six languages. Europa, the official website of the European Union, could be read in 24 languages. Google supported 71 languages, while Wikipedia supported 287.

It takes many hours of work to translate a website into more than 300 languages! Much of this work is done by hundreds of Jehovah’s Witnesses throughout the earth who want to bring praise to Jehovah. They work in organized teams for each language, using their skills to translate the English text.

JW.ORG has many pages of information that are translated into over 300 languages, so the total number of pages on the website is huge—over 200,000!

JW.ORG is not only widely available but also popular. That fact is reflected in the website rankings compiled by Alexa, a company that analyzes global Internet traffic. Its category “Religion and Spirituality” contains a list of some 87,000 websites, including those of the world’s major religions as well as religious publishers and other similar organizations. On that list, as of July 2013, ranks second! First on the list is a commercial site that provides online access to a variety of Bible translations.

As of October 2013, received an average of more than 890,000 unique visits each day. We will continue to make practical information from the Bible freely available to people everywhere.