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Photo Gallery—Children Love the Videos

Photo Gallery—Children Love the Videos

The video series Become Jehovah’s Friend, featuring songs and the animated characters Caleb and Sophia, has proved to be hugely popular. Parents and children alike have written to express appreciation for various videos in the series. Here are some examples of comments sent in by children:

  • “Thank you for the DVD ‘Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed.’ I watch it every day with my stuffed jaguar.”—Zach, aged 5.

  • “The new song makes me know that Jehovah loves me and wants me to pray to him anytime.”—Mikariah, aged 6.

  • “I learned my lesson to obey my parents and clean up after myself. Thank you for making this kid movie for us.”—Nicole, aged 8.

  • “Thank you so much for the video. It was so fun. It was so cheerful. I loved it.”—Mckenzie, aged 5.

  • “I love the Become Jehovah’s Friend videos. I watch them every day. Jehovah is really nice to send his idea to you.”—Ava, aged 8.

  • “I love watching the videos. I am trying to learn all the songs. The videos make me love Jehovah.”—Devon, aged 4.

  • “I can’t wait for the next Caleb video! Keep up the good work!”—Vance, aged 8.

Australia—Shiloh, aged 6

Lesson 12: Caleb and Sophia Visit Bethel

Australia—Sienna, aged 8

Song 106: Gaining Jehovah’s Friendship

Brazil—Eduardo, aged 10

Lesson 13: Jehovah Will Help You Be Bold

Germany—Michele, aged 11

Lesson 10: Be Kind and Share

Germany—Priscilla, aged 8

Lesson 11: Forgive Freely

Japan—Miku, aged 7

Lesson 13: Jehovah Will Help You Be Bold

Japan—Tomoaki, aged 10

Lesson 6: Please and Thank You

Mexico—Samuel, aged 7

Lesson 9: “Jehovah . . . Created All Things”

United States—Adriana, aged 6

Song 92: “Preach the Word”

United States—Anthony, aged 11

Lesson 2: Obey Jehovah