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A Unique Bible Exhibit in France

Thousands of visitors who came to the 2014 Rouen International Fair in northern France were met with an eye-catching booth that highlighted the theme “The Bible—Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.”

Flat-screen monitors outside the booth played a video clip about ancient Bible manuscripts, attracting the attention of many visitors. Once inside, visitors could learn about the Bible’s practical advice, its historical and scientific accuracy, and its wide distribution.

The exhibit also showed how the Bible has survived through the ages and that it is now available to billions of readers in a variety of printed and electronic formats. Visitors obtained a free copy of the New World Translation, a Bible version produced by Jehovah’s Witnesses in over 120 languages.

Many visitors expressed their appreciation for the initiative taken by the Witnesses to make the Bible available to the public. As a youth worker was looking at the display with a group of teenagers, she said: “The Bible is part of our common heritage. It is a living book. Each time I read it, I find answers to my problems.”

A 60-year-old grandmother was surprised to learn that she could obtain a free copy of the Bible. She said: “We should all start reading it again because we all need it!”