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A Successful Campaign in Lapland

Learn how the indigenous people of Lapland responded to the special efforts to assist their community.


A Successful Campaign in Lapland

Learn how the indigenous people of Lapland responded to the special efforts to assist their community.

Mobile Carts in Germany “Go on Vacation”

Jehovah’s Witnesses set up mobile carts in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, and other cities. Are these literature displays effective where Germans go on vacation?

The Treasure City Showcases “God’s Gift to People”

Students and teachers alike were impressed with the Bibles, Bible-based publications, and videos on display at the Gaudeamus bookfair in Romania.

Reaching Out to the Sinti and the Roma in Germany

During a special campaign in 2016, the Witnesses distributed almost 3,000 tracts, had discussions with over 360 Sinti and Roma, and started 19 Bible studies.

Gems of a Different Kind on Display in Botswana

Children were captivated by the animated series Become Jehovah’s Friend, which teaches practical application of Bible principles.

Good News for Seafarers

To reach seafaring people always on the move, the Witnesses have established Bible-education programs at major harbors. How have sailors responded?

Sharing Bible-Based Hope in Paris

Jehovah’s Witnesses participated in a special campaign to share their Bible-based hope of living on a pollution-free planet.

Reaching Out to Aboriginal Communities in Canada

Jehovah’s Witnesses share the Bible’s message in several aboriginal languages to help individuals learn about the Creator in their mother tongue.

Celebration and Information for Native Americans in New York City

At the 2015 “Gateway to Nations” event, many were impressed by the Witnesses’ display that featured publications in Native American languages.

Walking the Seabed to Preach

Jehovah’s Witnesses have a unique way of bringing the Bible’s message to people who live on small scattered islets called the Halligen.

Bringing the Bible’s Message to the Remote North

Despite the challenges, Jehovah’s Witnesses spend long periods of time in remote areas to help people who are interested in studying the Bible.

Promoting JW.ORG at the Toronto Book Fair

Jehovah’s Witnesses offered literature, showed videos, and demonstrated how to navigate jw.org. How did visitors respond?

More Than 165,000 Literature Carts

Though the house-to-house ministry is still the primary way Jehovah’s Witnesses make known Bible truth, literature carts have proved to be an effective way to reach people.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Reach a Milestone

As of August 2014, there were more than 8 million active Jehovah’s Witnesses. How have their numbers grown since World War I?

Global Campaign Promotes JW.ORG

Jehovah’s Witnesses distributed a tract in August 2014 to promote interest in their website. What have been the results?

A Unique Bible Exhibit in France

Visitors to the 2014 Rouen International Fair in France saw an attractive display with the theme “The Bible​—Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.”

Using JW.ORG to Share the Bible’s Message

Jehovah’s Witnesses, young and old alike, love to use their redesigned website to reach as many people as possible with the good news of God’s Kingdom.

Witnessing in Isolated Territory​—Australia

Travel with a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses during an exciting week of sharing Bible truth with people in the Australian outback.

Witnessing in Isolated Territory​—Ireland

A family explains how they have drawn closer together while preaching the good news in an isolated territory.

Witnessing Along the Xingu River

A group of Witnesses traveled in a 50-foot long riverboat so that they could preach about God’s Kingdom to those living in villages along the river.

Lovers of Freedom Meet at the Armada

Jehovah’s Witnesses used mobile displays to offer Bible literature, free of charge, to tourists attending this festive event in France.

Seventy Years of Gilead School

On February 1, 1943, the first class of a very special school began in upstate New York. It has trained thousands of ministers to teach others about God.

Why Learn Bengali?

Why did 23 of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Queens, New York, U.S.A., recently learn to speak and read Bengali?

Video Clip: Worth a Second Look!

See how a special preaching campaign in Manhattan, New York, has allowed many to obtain Bible-based literature.

Something New for Manhattan, New York

Learn about a special initiative to acquaint people with the Bible’s message.