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What Will a Kingdom Hall Do for Your Community?

What Will a Kingdom Hall Do for Your Community?

For well over a century, Jehovah’s Witnesses have designed and built their own meeting places. Is one of these centers of worship, called a Kingdom Hall, being built in your area? How might a Kingdom Hall benefit your community?

Flowery Branch, Georgia, U.S.A.

“A Pleasing Gift to the Community”

Kingdom Halls are designed to be attractive additions to the neighborhood. “Our goal is to make every Kingdom Hall one of the most attractive and dignified buildings in the area,” says Jason, who helps coordinate the construction of Kingdom Halls in the United States. A Witness architect working with the design team adds, “We want the finished product to be a pleasing gift to the community and a positive influence on surrounding properties.”

Kingdom Hall construction workers are Jehovah’s Witnesses, who are keenly interested in producing high-quality buildings. Their workmanship is often noticed by others. For example, at a recent project in Richmond, Texas, U.S.A., the local building inspector said that the Kingdom Hall roof reflected the best work he had ever seen. On the island of Jamaica, a building inspector took a group of new inspectors to visit a Kingdom Hall building project and told them: “You never need to worry about these people. Jehovah’s Witnesses follow the plans closely, even exceeding local building codes.” A building inspector in a city in Florida, U.S.A., said, “I’ve inspected hospitals and large government projects, but none as organized as this. You people do fine work.”

Concession, Zimbabwe

A Positive Influence in the Neighborhood

Meetings at the Kingdom Hall exert a positive influence on the lives of those who attend. Attendees have been helped to become better fathers, mothers, and children. Rod, who works with a Kingdom Hall design team, explains: “Each Kingdom Hall is an educational center that promotes high moral standards, which benefit all communities.” He adds: “This is a place where you can find help when facing life’s trials. Inside is a warm and friendly environment that is welcoming and beneficial to all who need comfort and spiritual assistance.”

Those who meet at Kingdom Halls care about their neighbors, and they are quick to help when disaster strikes. In 2016, for example, after Hurricane Matthew hit the Bahamas, Jehovah’s Witnesses repaired 254 homes. In one neighborhood, an 80-year-old resident named Violet, whose home had been flooded, approached a crew of Witnesses doing relief work. She offered to pay them for whatever help they could offer. They did not accept any money, yet the crew replaced many missing shingles to stop Violet’s roof from leaking. Then they hung and finished new drywall to repair her living room ceiling. Afterward Violet hugged everyone on the crew, thanking them many times and exclaiming, “You really are God’s people!”

Bad Oeynhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

‘We Are Glad the Kingdom Hall Is in Our Community’

To keep Kingdom Halls in top condition, Jehovah’s Witnesses operate a program that trains those in local congregations to maintain their halls. This has had good results. For example, in a small Arizona community, a woman accepted an invitation to a meeting at the Kingdom Hall. She commented on how well the hall was maintained and was impressed to hear about the maintenance program, namely, that steps were being taken to improve a building already in good condition. The woman was a writer for the town’s newsletter, and later that newsletter included a report on the well-maintained Kingdom Hall. The article concluded, “We are glad the . . . Kingdom Hall is in our community.”

You can find Kingdom Halls in communities all over the world. You are cordially invited to visit. Be assured you will be warmly welcomed.