Unusually heavy rainfall caused rivers to flood in Central Europe in June 2013. In Hungary, nearly the entire length of the Danube River reached its highest level in recorded history.

In view of the emergency, the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources asked the Hungary branch of Jehovah’s Witnesses if the Witnesses could help them prevent flood damage. In response, the branch invited the congregations along the Danube River to take part in flood-prevention activities organized by local authorities.

The response from the congregations was extraordinary. In the following days, more than 900 Witnesses from 72 congregations shared in the work of reinforcing the riverbanks. They were asked to wear a badge card with the words “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” as well as their name and the name of their city.

In one city, a representative of the local Hungarian Red Cross sent the following message to a congregation: “We owe you thanks and respect, since we rarely see examples of such unity and willingness to help—not to mention how far you traveled! I proudly highlight your marvelous example in our city!”

The chairman of a disaster relief organization, who is also a member of the Hungarian Parliament, sent a letter to the branch office thanking the Witnesses for their fine support.