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Special Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses Held in Seven Countries

Jehovah’s Witnesses recently held special conventions in Brazil, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, and Sweden. The first one of this series was held in Sweden in July 2012, and the last three were held in Costa Rica and New Zealand in January 2013.

Like the other yearly three-day conventions we organize, these special ones featured Bible talks, demonstrations, and dramas.

For this special series, delegates were invited to attend conventions outside their homeland. Before and after the conventions, they had opportunity to join prearranged tours of the host country.

A delegate to the convention held in Brazil said: “It was thrilling to experience the extraordinary love and hospitality of the brothers. It was as if I had gained instant family members.”

Another delegate, who attended the special convention in Hong Kong, said: “I was deeply moved to see faces beaming with smiles and eyes filled with tears as Mandarin-speaking delegates clutched to their chests the newly released Bible publications.”

Each year, Jehovah’s Witnesses hold conventions around the world. Millions attend.

Conventions offer those present an opportunity to experience the many expressions of love, joy, and peace of our brotherhood. This is especially evident at special or international conventions. There, between sessions, delegates cheerfully talk and eat together, exchange simple gifts and contact information, take photographs, and affectionately embrace one another.

As with all our conventions, those who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses are welcome to attend.