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Warwick Photo Gallery 1 (May Through August 2014)

Warwick Photo Gallery 1 (May Through August 2014)

Jehovah’s Witnesses are building their future world headquarters in Warwick, New York. From May through August 2014, the construction staff made significant progress on the Vehicle Maintenance Building, the Administration Offices/Services Building, and the C and D residence buildings. This photo gallery shows some of the work that took place during that busy period.

Rendering of the completed Warwick complex. Clockwise from top left:

  1. Vehicle Maintenance Building

  2. Visitor Parking Building

  3. Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

  4. Residence B

  5. Residence D

  6. Residence C

  7. Residence A

  8. Administration Offices/Services Building

May 1, 2014​—Warwick site

View from the southwest corner, looking north over Sterling Forest Lake (Blue Lake). In the foreground, work is under way on the basement of the D residence. Closer to the lake, concrete forms are being prepared for the C residence.

May 14, 2014​—Off-site prefabrication center

Workers assembling a prefabricated residential bathroom called a pod. The pod includes the framing, the wallboard, the rough plumbing and electrical, the ventilation, and the bathtub enclosure. The bathroom will be completed after the pod is installed in the building.

May 22, 2014​—Vehicle Maintenance Building

Plumbers at work in the basement. During the project this section will be used to serve meals to about 500 workers, and other areas in the building will seat an additional 300. Near the end of the project, the temporary dining rooms will be removed, and the building will be finished for use in maintaining vehicles.

June 2, 2014​—Vehicle Maintenance Building

A crew spreading specially engineered soil for the green roof. Green roofs, which have vegetation growing on them, help the environment by reducing energy needs, slowing the rate of storm-water runoff, and filtering pollutants from rainfall.

June 5, 2014​—Administration Offices/Services Building

This structure will be made up of three joined buildings that have a combined floor space of 42,000 square meters (450,000 sq ft). Here, outside contractors set steel reinforcing bars for columns.

June 18, 2014​—Vehicle Maintenance Building

Workers using a propane torch to install asphalt roofing. Safety harnesses protect them from falling.

June 24, 2014​—Residence C

Prefabricated ductwork and HVAC equipment being installed. About 35 percent of the Witnesses working on the Warwick project are women.

July 11, 2014​—Montgomery, New York

This facility, used as a warehouse and prefabrication center, was obtained in February 2014 to support the project. It provides an interior space of 20,000 square meters (220,000 sq ft). The white objects in the top right of the photo are bathroom pods ready for shipment.

July 24, 2014​—Residence C

Shown here with its northeast corner in the foreground. This building will house about 200 members of the headquarters staff. Most of the individual residences will be between 30 and 55 square meters (350 and 600 sq ft) in size and include a kitchenette, a private bathroom, and a small balcony.

July 25, 2014​—Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

Preparing the site for construction. At the top left of the photo, the rock crusher processes excavated material for later use on the project. By the time the entire project is complete, about 260,000 cubic meters (340,000 cu yd) of earth will have been removed from the Warwick site. An average of 23 dump trucks are in use daily.

July 30, 2014​—Vehicle Maintenance Building

Vegetation being planted on the roof.

August 8, 2014​—Warwick site

View from the boom of a large crane, looking southwest from above the office building. At the bottom left is the completed Visitor Parking Building, which is filled to capacity each day with workers’ vehicles. Some Witnesses have driven up to 12 hours one way to volunteer their services for just three or four days of work.

August 13, 2014​—Vehicle Maintenance Building

Work nears completion on a temporary dining room. Video monitors (not installed yet) and ceiling-mounted speakers will allow the workers to be tied in to the United States branch office for morning worship and other spiritual programs.

August 14, 2014​—Administration Offices/Services Building

The first-floor deck being poured. At the right, a worker uses a concrete vibrator to ensure that no air pockets are trapped in the concrete and that the concrete has settled firmly in place.

August 14, 2014​—Administration Offices/Services Building

Electrical conduit in the core of the building, ready to be covered by the basement slab.

August 14, 2014​—Administration Offices/Services Building

The concrete pour of the first-floor deck nearing completion. This was the largest pour of the Warwick project to date, consisting of 540 cubic meters (700 cu yd). The concrete was prepared at the on-site batch plant, delivered using eight mixing trucks and two concrete pumps, and poured in about 5 1/2 hours. In the center of the photo stands one of the building’s stair towers.

August 14, 2014​—Residence C

Building the roof parapet. In the background, construction is under way on the basement of the A residence.

August 15, 2014​—Residence C

A finished bathroom pod being lifted by crane to the third floor. The Warwick project makes extensive use of prefabrication, reducing congestion on the site and expediting construction.

August 20, 2014​—Residence C

Contractors installing precast energy-efficient concrete wall panels. The concrete is dyed, so the panels require no painting and little maintenance. They can be installed quickly, which will help toward on-time completion of the project.

August 31, 2014​—Warwick site

View from the southwest corner. In the foreground, forms are being set for the next floor of the D residence; behind this, the structure of the C residence is almost complete.