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Warwick Photo Gallery 3 (January Through April 2015)

Warwick Photo Gallery 3 (January Through April 2015)

In this photo gallery, see how the work progressed on the new headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses between January and April 2015.

Rendering of the completed Warwick complex. Clockwise from top left:

  1. Vehicle Maintenance Building

  2. Visitor Parking

  3. Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

  4. Residence B

  5. Residence D

  6. Residence C

  7. Residence A

  8. Offices/Services Building

January 2, 2015​—Vehicle Maintenance Building

Harold Corkern, a helper to the Publishing Committee of the Governing Body, gives a Scriptural talk entitled “Living Up to Your Potential.” Speakers regularly visit Warwick to encourage the workers.

January 14, 2015​—Offices/Services Building

The white plastic tarp protects workers and helps them complete their tasks during the winter. This section of the building will house the dining room, infirmary, kitchen, and laundry.

January 16, 2015​—Residence D

Electricians prepare to install wire. Over 12,000 meters (40,000 ft) of cable has already been pulled through the residence buildings. Electrical work in Warwick began soon after the property was purchased and will continue until the project is completed.

January 16, 2015​—Residence A

A worker masks a balcony with duct tape to prepare for waterproofing. Here, balconies on the top floor are coated with polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)​—a water-resistant membrane that can be applied quickly as a liquid.

January 23, 2015​—Residence A

A father-and-daughter electrical team installs wiring that will distribute power to the individual residences.

February 6, 2015​—Vehicle Maintenance Building

Hungry workers eat lunch in the temporary dining room. Daily, more than 2,000 lunches are served.

February 12, 2015​—Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

Structural crew installs rebar for the basement of the maintenance shops.

February 12, 2015​—Residence C

Letters from children, expressing appreciation for the construction workers. Many volunteers stay for a short period of time. In fact, approximately 500 new workers arrive weekly. In February, some 2,500 worked on the Warwick project each day.

February 24, 2015​—Warwick site

About 60 percent of the project is now complete. Between January and April 2015, the superstructure of the residence buildings and the steel structure of the Offices/Services Building were finished. During that period, workers also began installing concrete panels on the Maintenance Building, constructing walkways that connect the residences, and rehabilitating the dam in Sterling Forest Lake (Blue Lake).

February 25, 2015​—Offices/Services Building

View from the bottom of a stair tower. Hired contractors built the forms of this five-story tower, and Witness volunteers poured the concrete.

February 26, 2015​—Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

On a cold day, the structural crew installs rebar for the first floor. Almost 127 centimeters (50 in.) of snow fell on Warwick between January and March. Snow-shoveling crews kept the work areas clear, and heated stations warmed up the workers.

March 12, 2015​—Visitor Parking

Metal sheeting is attached to prefabricated roof trusses. By the end of April, most of the gabled roofs for the residence buildings had been completed and installed. The final roofs will have been installed on Residence B by the middle of June.

March 18, 2015​—Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

View from a tower crane, looking toward Residence B.

March 18, 2015​—Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

Plumbers consult drawings at the Resident Parking Garage. Over 3,400 approved construction drawings are needed for the entire project.

March 23, 2015​—Offices/Services Building

From a boom lift, workers install plastic tarp to protect the building. Scores of training programs ensure that users operate lifts and other equipment safely. Safety classes include boom lifts, scissor lifts, fall protection, general orientation, respirator use, and rigging/signaling.

March 30, 2015​—Warwick site

Looking west toward the residence buildings. By the end of April, extensive work on the mechanical and electrical systems was underway at Residences A, B, and D, shown in this photograph. In Residence C (not seen in this photo), drywall, tile, and painting had begun.

April 15, 2015​—Residence B

Two workers on a boom lift apply a vapor-permeable air barrier to the exterior walls. It takes approximately two months to apply the barrier to each residence building.

April 27, 2015​—Offices/Services Building

Masons build a granite wall. This section of the building will house the receiving dock and various support services.

April 30, 2015​—Warwick site

A hired diver in Blue Lake replaces an old valve with a new one. With the push of a button, the level of the lake can now be lowered to prevent flooding in the event of a hurricane.