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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Wallkill Photo Gallery 2 (November 2014 Through November 2015)

Wallkill Photo Gallery 2 (November 2014 Through November 2015)

Jehovah’s Witnesses recently expanded and upgraded their facilities in Wallkill, New York. In this photo gallery, see how the project progressed between November 2014 and November 2015.

Aerial view of the Wallkill complex as of October 15, 2015.

  1. Printery

  2. Office Building 1

  3. Residence E

  4. Dining room

  5. Laundry/dry cleaning

  6. Office Building 2

  7. Residence D

December 4, 2014​—Office Building 2

The entrance of the new office building is prepared for paving and landscaping. The sidewalk at the lower left is heated, protecting pedestrians from slippery surfaces in the winter. This building houses the Bethel Office, Branch Committee Office, and Service Department.

December 5, 2014​—Residence D

A member of the Interiors Department uses a grinder before the finished flooring is installed. The grinder is attached to a vacuum that reduces airborne dust.

January 9, 2015​—Residence E

The remodeled rotunda welcomes visitors and the over 200 Bethelites who live in the E Residence. Renovations to this building included the installation of energy-efficient windows and a new fire-alarm system.

February 9, 2015​—Printery

A technician installs wiring in telecommunications equipment for the new Technical Training facility. This facility is designed to provide workers with needed skills in such fields as plumbing, electrical maintenance, and safety.

February 17, 2015​—Printery

An electrician installs LED lighting in the new facility for the Technical Training Department.

March 2, 2015​—Office Building 1

A worker checks the spacing between electrical conduits. This area was renovated to accommodate branch office departments that transferred from Brooklyn.

March 3, 2015​—Residence D

A plumber prefabricates pipes that will distribute domestic hot water.

March 31, 2015​—Residence D

From a boom lift, the Exteriors Department caulks a window. These energy-efficient windows, 298 in this building alone, reduce energy costs in summer and winter.

April 17, 2015​—Office Building 1

Using stones from the original wall that dates to the 1970’s, masons rebuild a wall in the center parking lot, located between Office Building 1 and the E Residence.

April 17, 2015​—Office Building 1

A drywall finisher sands a wall to prepare it for painting. This renovated building houses the Accounting, Computer, and Purchasing departments.

June 8, 2015​—Residence D

An electrician pulls wire onto the roof to connect it to a lightning rod. As a target for lightning, the rod directs electrical energy to the ground, protecting the building from damage.

June 8, 2015​—Residence D

During the Wallkill expansion project, great care was taken to preserve the existing landscaping, including many of the trees appearing in this photograph. The water tower at left, which has a capacity of some 150,000 liters (40,000 gal), is a key component of the water-supply, firefighting, and fire-suppression systems at the Wallkill site.

June 25, 2015​—Office Building 1

A carpenter installs some of the 1,800 cherrywood blocks that make up the back wall of the auditorium. These blocks, of variable thicknesses, reduce the reverberation of sound.

July 9, 2015​—Office Building 2

Charles Reed has served at Bethel since 1958. Brother Reed helped design and install concrete pads for printing presses when Brooklyn Bethel produced literature for the United States and many other countries. During the Wallkill expansion project, Brother Reed worked with the quality control team.

August 17, 2015​—Office Building 1

Workers unload new chairs for the auditorium. The renovated auditorium seats 812 people.

September 21, 2015​—Office Building 1

The renovation of the auditorium included the installation of video monitors and acoustic ceiling panels.

October 12, 2015​—Residence D

The nurses’ station in the renovated infirmary is installed. To care for patient needs, corridors were widened and residential bathrooms were enlarged.

October 15, 2015​—Wallkill site

Aerial view of the Wallkill complex, which houses approximately 2,000 members of the Bethel family. The bulk of the expansion project​—consisting of over 102,000 square meters (1.1 million sq ft) of newly constructed or renovated buildings​—was completed by November 30, 2015.