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Wallkill Photo Gallery 1 (July 2013 Through October 2014)

Wallkill Photo Gallery 1 (July 2013 Through October 2014)

Jehovah’s Witnesses are expanding and upgrading their facilities in Wallkill, New York. This photo gallery shows some of the work that took place between July 2013 and October 2014. The project is scheduled to be completed by November 2015.

Aerial view of the Wallkill complex as of October 21, 2013.

  1. Nutrition mill (removed in January 2014)

  2. Laundry/dry cleaning addition

  3. Dining room

  4. Residence E

  5. Services Building

  6. Printery

  7. Shawangunk Kill (creek)

July 12, 2013—Laundry/dry cleaning addition

A crane lifts exterior wall panels into place. They were prefabricated on-site.

July 19, 2013—Residence E

Workers install a fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) strip into a prepared recess in the existing Dox Plank concrete floor. About 7,600 meters (25,000 ft) of carbon-fiber material was used to improve the building’s resistance to earthquakes.

August 5, 2013—Residence E

The brick exterior is being repaired.

August 30, 2013—Laundry/dry cleaning addition

The steel framework is being installed for the new mechanical equipment room.

September 17, 2013—Residence E

A roofer trims the new roof membrane.

October 15, 2013—Residence E

Workers check for air pockets behind a fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) strip. If any are found, additional FRP strips are installed.

November 15, 2013—Laundry/dry cleaning addition

Work on the roof includes installation of a new exhaust fan.

December 9, 2013—Residence E

Structural adhesive is being injected into small cracks in the Dox Plank. The work to reinforce the building against earthquakes took about a year and a half.

December 11, 2013—Laundry/dry cleaning addition

A worker prepares for installation of the new wastewater-lift station.

January 10, 2014—Nutrition mill

The grain elevator being removed was in use from the 1960’s until about 2008. It became obsolete once the farming operation at Wallkill no longer included chickens, dairy cows, or hogs.

January 22, 2014—Services Building

The seating is being removed to prepare for a complete renovation of the auditorium.

January 29, 2014—Nutrition mill

These grain bins had been used to store animal feed.

March 3, 2014—Printery

The new home of the Technical Training Department is being prepared.

July 4, 2014—Services Building

A welder reinforces a structural column.

September 19, 2014—Dining room (Residence E)

Carpet is laid in the section that had been used to serve meals to construction workers.

September 22, 2014—Residence E

Drywall finishing is under way in the first-floor rotunda.

September 24, 2014—Services Building

Steel reinforcing bars are prepared for the shaft of the new passenger elevator.

October 2, 2014—Dining room (Residence E)

The expansion of the dining room gives it a maximum capacity of 1,980 seats.

October 22, 2014—Services Building

Excavation is under way for expansion of the footing of an existing column. The work will help reinforce the building against earthquakes.