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Safety Inspector Commends Witnesses

After a government safety inspector visited a Kingdom Hall construction project in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, he stated: “[It] was one of the best sites I have visited in regard to safety in a long period of time.”

The inspector wrote: “The site was very well run . . . [It] was very clean and tidy with excellent access and egress, all power leads were suspended [above the] ground with plastic hooks, [and] fire extinguishers [were] at [the] ready . . . All persons on site were wearing long sleeves, long pants, hard hats and safety glasses. . . . The persons on site were very helpful.”

“Witnesses view safety as of utmost importance,” said Victor Otter, the site manager. “When we work safely, we reflect God’s view of life and promote harmony and happiness. After working hard all day, I often headed home with a smile on my face.”

The 127-seat Kingdom Hall was completed in April 2012.