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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Letters From Landlords

Jehovah’s Witnesses recently completed a six-year project to expand the Watchtower Farms facilities in Wallkill, New York. As the pace of construction accelerated during the final two years, more rooms were needed to house volunteer workers. Accordingly, 25 homes were leased in the surrounding area.

The Tenants

How did the property owners feel about renting to Jehovah’s Witnesses?

  • “We were very happy with the tenants,” wrote one owner. “My husband and I live directly next to [the rental property], and [we] always felt a spirit of cooperation and friendliness from the tenants who resided there.”

  • Another owner, who also lives near the home she rented, wrote about her tenants: “Our experience with them was always positive. [We] have a very refreshing swimmable pond in our backyard, which the boys frequented per our invitation. Whenever they came they were considerate and respectful. We enjoyed their company and will miss seeing them run across the field.” She added: “We could not have had a better experience.”

  • “It was great,” observed a landlord, “to have the residents not only as tenants but also as neighbors.”

The Properties

What did the owners think about the condition of their rentals when the residents left?

  • “The rent was always on time, [and] the house was well-maintained and returned to us in wonderful condition.”

  • “Thank you and the entire Watchtower organization for the care you gave to our home,” said one of the landlords quoted earlier, adding that he never expected the Witnesses to clean “so thoroughly.”

  • “Knowing the integrity of your organization,” explained one woman, “we did not [request] a security deposit. Both rentals were returned to us in immaculate condition.”

  • “How can I hire your people to work for me?” asked a landlord after Witnesses made some minor repairs to his property. “When you promised to perform work on a given day, you were always on time. I can’t get my maintenance people to live up to their promises.”

Final Impressions

  • Before the lease expired on one home, the landlord wrote that if the Witnesses renewed their contract, he would “provide a financial incentive” in the way of a generous discount on the rent.

  • Another said: “We would love to rent to the Watchtower organization again if the opportunity arises.”