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Britain Photo Gallery 8 (March Through August 2019)

Britain Photo Gallery 8 (March Through August 2019)

In this photo gallery, you will see how construction progressed on the new branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Britain between March and August 2019.

  1. North Production Building (Video Production)

  2. South Production Building (Maintenance and Services)

  3. Office Building

  4. Residence A

  5. Residence B

  6. Residence C

  7. Residence D

  8. Residence E

  9. Residence F

March 5, 2019—Office Building

A worker insulates heating pipes in the boiler room.

March 29, 2019—South Production Building

In the changing rooms, tradesmen set tiles on shower walls.

April 10, 2019—Office Building

A worker installs a lattice of lightning rods known as an air termination network. This network is part of a system designed to protect the building from lightning strikes. The worker’s harness is anchored to the roof, allowing him to work safely.

April 16, 2019—Office Building

Window cleaners prepare windows for safety stickers to be applied. The stickers make these large areas of glass more visible, preventing people from accidentally walking into them.

April 23, 2019—Residence A

Using a closed-circuit television camera, a member of the site-works team checks that newly installed drains are clear and ready for use.

April 23, 2019—Office Building

Carpenters install wooden panels onto the walls of a multipurpose area that will be used as a dining room and an auditorium. Special events will also be held here.

May 14, 2019—Residence B

Landscapers plant a row of native shrubs against a retaining wall.

May 14, 2019—Residence A

Members of the exteriors crew install a glass barrier, forming what is known as a Juliet balcony. These barriers protect the residents without blocking light or ventilation.

May 21, 2019—Office Building

Outside the main reception area, electrical workers install lighting.

June 11, 2019—North Production Building

Using slitting shears, a member of the mechanical team cuts ventilation ducting to size.

June 17, 2019—Office Building

The landscaping and site-works teams plant trees and prepare pathways. To the left is the multipurpose dining room, auditorium, and events space. Residence A is seen in the background.

June 24, 2019—Residence A

An engineer installs part of the fire sprinkler system.

July 9, 2019—Office Building

Landscapers prepare the soil for sowing grass seed. In the background, the office windows are washed using a water-fed pole system.

July 9, 2019—North Production Building

Members of the finishes crew lay a self-leveling floor compound. They use a gauge rake to apply an even layer of the compound, and then they use spiked rollers to remove air bubbles.

July 24, 2019—Office Building

Members of the finishes crew lay the vinyl floor of the multipurpose dining room, auditorium, and events space. On the back wall, where the platform will be located, television screens have been mounted on acoustic panels.

July 26, 2019—North Production Building

Adjacent to the video studio, a carpenter fits out the hair-and-makeup room for video participants.

August 1, 2019—North Production Building

Carpenters install the track for demountable office partitions. These partitions allow departments to reconfigure office space easily.

August 1, 2019—North Production Building

A contractor connects box trusses for rigging in the video studio. Rigging is used to suspend such equipment as lights and cameras when the studio is in session.

August 15, 2019—Branch site

Aerial view from the north. To the left, Residences B, C, D, E, and F are complete. In the center, Residence A is nearing completion and the Office Building complex is already complete. To the right, the South Production Building and the North Production Building are nearly complete. Meanwhile, the landscaping work continues over the whole site.

August 26, 2019—Office Building

Workers lay stone tiles on the terrace behind the reception area. The tents in the background provide temporary cover from the sun while the newly laid tiles are cleaned.