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School is a testing ground for your mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. How can you get a good education without being overwhelmed by stress?

How Can I Get Along With My Teacher?

If you have a tough teacher, you don’t have to resign yourself to a school year of misery. Try these suggestions.

How Can I Finish My Homework?

If you’re having problems getting your homework done, the solution might be, not to work harder, but to work smarter.

How to Succeed at Distance Learning

Many students are now getting their education at home. Five tips can help you succeed in your new “classroom.”

What if I Can’t Stand School?

If you don’t like school, you are not alone. See what you can do to develop a positive view of your education.

What if I’m Failing at School?

Before giving up, consider six steps you can take to get better grades.

Should I Drop Out of School?

The answer may involve more than you realize.

What if I’m Being Bullied?

Many who are bullied feel helpless. This article explains what can be done to improve the situation.

How Can I Cope With Bullying?

You might not change the bully, but you can change your reaction.

Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fists

Learn why bullying happens and how you can deal with it successfully.

Why Learn a New Language?

What are the challenges? And what are the rewards?

Tips for Learning a Language

Learning a new language requires practice, time, and effort. This worksheet will help you make a plan to learn a new language successfully.

Creation or Evolution?​—Part 1: Why Believe in God?

Would you like to be more confident in explaining why you believe in God? Get tips on how to respond if someone questions your belief.

Creation or Evolution?​—Part 2: Why Question Evolution?

Two fundamental facts show why you should.

Creation or Evolution?​—Part 3: Why Believe in Creation?

Do you have to be antiscience to believe in creation?

Creation or Evolution?​—Part 4: How Can I Explain My Belief in Creation?

You don’t need to be a science genius to explain why you find creation to be a reasonable explanation for the natural world. Use the simple logic found in the Bible.