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Who are you? What do you stand for? Having a strong identity will help you to take control of your life instead of letting others control it for you.

My Character

Who Am I?

Being conscious of your own values, strengths, limitations, and goals will help you to make wise decisions when under pressure.

Who Am I?

Knowing the answer can help you face challenges successfully.

How Can I Improve My Conversation Skills?

Three tips that can help you start a conversation and keep it going.

Why Reject the Media Stereotype?​—Part 1: For Girls

Many teenagers who think they’re carving out their own identity are just conforming to an identity that’s been handed to them.

Why Reject the Media Stereotype?​—Part 2: For Boys

Could copying the stereotype make you less appealing to others?

How Responsible Am I?

Some young people are granted more freedom than others. What makes the difference?

Why Be Honest?

Don’t dishonest people have the advantage?

How Honest Are You?

Check yourself with this three-part self-test.

How Resilient Am I?

Because adversity is inevitable, it’s important for you to build resilience, no matter how trivial or how serious your problems may be.

How to Deal With Change

Change is all but inevitable. Consider what some have done to deal with it successfully.

How to Accept Correction

How can advice or criticism that hurts actually help?

How Should I Take Constructive Criticism?

Some people have been called teacups—so fragile that they shatter at the smallest dose of constructive criticism. Are you like that?

How Can I Train My Conscience?

Your conscience reflects who you are and what you stand for. What does your conscience say about you?

What Is Prejudice?

Prejudice has infected people throughout history. Learn from the Bible how to ensure that it doesn’t take root in your heart.

Am I a Perfectionist?

How can you tell the difference between trying to do your best and chasing an impossible ideal?

Learning to Be Less Than Perfect

This worksheet can help you to be reasonable in what you expect of yourself and others.

How Important Is Online Popularity?

Some people risk their lives just to get more followers and likes. Is online popularity worth it?

How Can I Stop Living a Double Life?

Four steps to help you stop this deceptive course.

How to Resist Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can make good people do bad things. What should you know about it, and how can you deal with it?

How Can I Resist Peer Pressure?

Find out how Bible principles can help you to succeed.

Stand Up to Peer Pressure!

Four simple steps can help you to gain the strength to be your own person.

Stand Up for Your Convictions!

Learn what helped Jeremiah proclaim the warning message to Judah.

How Can I Choose a Good Role Model?

A role model can help you to avoid problems, reach your goals, and succeed in life. But whose example should you follow?

Role Model Planner

This worksheet can help you decide whom to imitate.

My Actions

Why Should I Help Others?

Doing good things for others benefits you in at least two ways. What are they?

Action Plan for Helping Others

People you could help are nearby. This worksheet outlines three simple steps to get you started.

How Can I Deal With My Mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them.

How Can I Resist Temptation?

Consider three important steps to overcome improper desires.

How to Resist Temptation

Being able to resist temptation is a mark of real men and women. Six tips can help you strengthen your resolve and avoid the stress that comes from giving in.

My Appearance

How Do I Look?

Learn how to avoid three of the most common fashion mistakes.

A Look at How You Look

This worksheet can help you to look your best.

What Young People Say About Body Image

Why can it be challenging for young people to maintain a balanced view of their physical appearance? What can help?

Why Am I So Worried About My Appearance?

Learn how you can keep your feelings under control.

Am I Obsessed With My Appearance?

If you have a problem with your body image, how can you gain a balanced view of yourself?

Why Do I Worry About My Appearance?

Are you disappointed by what you see in the mirror? Reasonably, what improvements can you make?

Should I Get a Tattoo?

How can you make a wise decision?

Think Before You Ink

What about a tattoo with a Scriptural message?