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Are you having problems with your parents? Can’t get along with your siblings? The Bible can help you deal with these and other family issues.

Relationship With Parents

How Can I Get Along With My Parents?

Check out five steps that can help eliminate some conflicts and reduce the intensity of ones that do happen.

How Can I Talk to My Parents?

There may be more benefits than you realize.

How Can I Talk to My Parents?

How can you communicate with your parents if you don’t feel like talking?

How Can I Talk to My Parents About Their Rules?

Learn how to speak respectfully to your parents and you may be surprised at the good results.

Are House Rules Really Necessary?

Are you struggling with your parents’ house rules? Here are some tips to help you have the right outlook.

Reasoning on the Rules

Think through the rules you are having a hard time complying with.

How Can I Talk to My Parents?

These tips can make it a lot easier to communicate with your parents.

I Broke a Family Rule​—What Now?

You can’t change what happened, but you can keep things from getting worse. This article will show you how.

How Can I Gain My Parents’ Trust?

Three practical steps that can help you to gain more freedom.

How Can I Earn More Freedom?

You think you are ready to be treated more like an adult, but your parents may disagree. What steps can you take to gain their trust?

Why Won’t My Parents Let Me Have Any Fun?

Should I sneak out to have fun, or should I be honest with my parents?

What if My Parent Is Sick?

You are not the only young person to face such a situation. Learn what helped two others to cope.

When a Parent Is Sick

This worksheet can help you take care of your parent​—and yourself.

What if My Parents Are Divorcing?

How can you let go of sadness, anger and resentment?

Home Life

Why Make Peace With My Siblings?

You love them, but sometimes they can really get on your nerves.

Getting Along With Siblings

Use this worksheet to identify, analyze, and resolve conflicts you have with a brother or sister.

How Can I Get Some Privacy?

Does it seem as if your parents are invading your privacy? Is there anything you can do to reduce the feeling of intrusion?

Privacy Issues​—What Would You Do?

See how you can strengthen your parents’ trust in you.

Am I Ready to Leave Home?

What questions should you consider before making such an important decision?

When You Must Return Home

Have you tried to live on your own, only to fall on hard times? Get back on your feet with these practical tips.