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Bad Habits

They are easy to pick up and hard to get rid of! This section discusses a number of bad habits and what you can do to replace them with good ones.


How Can I Stop the Gossip?

Whenever harmful gossip creeps into your conversation, take action!

Is Cursing Really That Bad?

What can be wrong with something as common as profanity?


Why Reject Pornography?

What do pornography and smoking have in common?

How to Reject Pornography

Why is an Internet search filter not enough?

What if I’m Addicted to Pornography?

The Bible can help you to understand pornography for what it is.

Don’t Let Your Life Go Up in Smoke

While many people smoke or vape, others have quit and some are desperately trying to quit. Why? Is smoking really that bad?

How Can I Resist Temptation?

Consider three important steps to overcome improper desires.

How to Resist Temptation

Being able to resist temptation is a mark of real men and women. Six tips can help you strengthen your resolve and avoid the stress that comes from giving in.

Time Management

What Should I Know About Multitasking?

Can you really combine activities without losing focus?

How Can I Stop Procrastinating?

Get tips on how to stop putting things off!

What Young People Say About Procrastination

Hear what young people have to say about the pitfalls of procrastinating and the benefits of using your time wisely.