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I’m Attracted to the Same Sex—Does That Mean I’m Gay?

I’m Attracted to the Same Sex—Does That Mean I’m Gay?

 Not at all!

 Fact: In many cases, same-sex attraction is nothing more than a passing phase.

 That’s what Lisette, 16, who was at one time attracted to a girl, found. She says: “Through my biology classes in school, I learned that during the adolescent years, hormone levels can fluctuate greatly. I truly think that if more youths knew more about their bodies, they would understand that same-sex attraction can be temporary and they wouldn’t feel the pressure to be gay.”

All youths face a choice—either to adopt the world’s degraded view of sexuality or to follow the high moral path set forth in God’s Word

 But what if your attraction to the same sex seems to be more than a passing phase? Is it cruel of God to tell someone who is attracted to the same sex to avoid homosexuality?

 If you answered yes to that last question, you should know that such reasoning is based on the flawed notion that humans must act on their sexual impulses. The Bible dignifies humans by assuring them that they can choose not to act on their improper sexual urges.​—Colossians 3:5.

 The Bible’s stand is not unreasonable. It simply directs those with homosexual urges to do the same thing that is required of those with an opposite-sex attraction​—to “flee from fornication.” (1 Corinthians 6:18) The fact is, millions of heterosexuals who wish to conform to the Bible’s standards employ self-control despite any temptations they might face. Those with homosexual inclinations can do the same if they truly want to please God.​—Deuteronomy 30:19.