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Should I Drop Out of School?

Should I Drop Out of School?

 “I hate school!” If that’s how you feel, you might be tempted to drop out. This article will give you some better options.

 Why some drop out

 Common reasons noted by educators include:

  •   Academic struggles. ‘I’m losing the battle against failing grades.’

  •   Apathy. ‘I see no value in what I’m learning.’

  •   Economic hardship. ‘I have to work to help support my family.’

 Count the cost

 The Bible says: “The shrewd one ponders each step.” (Proverbs 14:15) The lesson? If you’re considering dropping out of school, be sure to count the cost.

 Ask yourself:

  •   ‘How will dropping out affect future job opportunities?’

     “Think about having to get a job and then possibly providing for a family one day. How can you do that if most employers require at least a high school diploma?”—Julia.

  •   ‘How will dropping out affect my ability to deal with hardship?’

     “School prepares you for life. In the future, the people you meet, the temptations you encounter, and the work you do will be similar to what you faced in school.”—Daniel.

  •   ‘How will dropping out affect my life skills?’

     “School may seem impractical now, but when you are 23 years old and balancing your checkbook, you’re going to think, ‘I’m glad I paid attention in math.’”—Anna.

 A better approach

  •   Get help. The Bible says: “There is success through many advisers.” (Proverbs 11:14) If your grades are slipping, reach out to a parent, a teacher, a guidance counselor, or another trusted adult for tips on how to improve.

     “Talk to your teacher if you’re struggling. Sometimes you might think that the teacher is the problem, but often you can improve the situation just by asking for help.”—Edward.

  •   Look at the big picture. The Bible says: “Better is the end of a matter than its beginning.” (Ecclesiastes 7:8) When you finish school, you will have acquired qualities and skills that go beyond the subjects you were taught.

     “You may not have to write essays or study for exams as an adult, but the way you handle stress at school prepares you for the challenges you will face after you graduate.”—Vera.

    Dropping out of school is like getting off a boat before it docks; you might wish you had stayed onboard!

  •   Consider your options. The Bible says: “All who are hasty surely head for poverty.” (Proverbs 21:5) Don’t be quick to decide that dropping out is your only choice. You might be able to complete your education by means of online schooling or a homeschool program.

     “School teaches you to work hard, solve problems, and cooperate with others. The benefits are long-lasting. It’s worth the effort to finish school.”—Benjamin.

 The bottom line: Finish school and you’ll be better prepared for the responsibilities of adulthood.