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Witness Patients Often Do Better

Witness Patients Often Do Better

AUSTRALIA: “Hospital patients who are Jehovah’s Witnesses—who refuse blood transfusions on religious grounds—actually do better than other patients,” reports the October 2, 2012, issue of The Sydney Morning Herald.

The report cites Clinical Professor James Isbister from the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. “Professor Isbister said Jehovah’s Witnesses were given better treatment by doctors trying to preserve their [the Witness patients’] blood. As a result they had better survival rates, and shorter hospital and intensive care stays than people who received blood transfusions during surgery,” reports the paper.

Doctor Isbister’s views are by no means unique. Regarding Witness patients who have cardiac surgery, the Archives of Internal Medicine, August 13-27, 2012, says: “Witnesses had fewer acute complications and shorter length of stay than matched patients who received transfusions.”