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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Habits and Addictions

Personal Habits

How to Harness Your Habits

Make sure that your habits work for you instead of against you.

Is Cursing Really That Bad?

What can be wrong with something as common as profanity?

How Can I Resist Temptation?

Learn practical steps you can take to minimize or eliminate the pressure.

Tobacco, Drugs, and Alcohol

What Does the Bible Say About Alcohol? Is Drinking It a Sin?

The Bible actually mentions several positive aspects of wine and other alcoholic drinks.

What Should I Know About Alcohol?

Learn how to avoid legal trouble, a damaged reputation, sexual assault, addiction, and death.

What Is God’s View of Smoking?

The Bible never mentions tobacco, so how can we know?

I Got Fed Up With My Lifestyle

Dmitry Korshunov was an alcoholic, but he began to read the Bible every day. What motivated him to make drastic changes in his life?

Electronic Media

Do You Use Digital Technology Wisely?

Answer the four questions in this simple self-test to find out.

What Should I Know About Electronic Games?

They can have both benefits and drawbacks you may not have considered.

Who’s in Control—You or Your Devices?

You live in a wired world, but technology does not have to control you. How can you tell if you are addicted to your device? If there’s a problem, how can you take back control?


What the Bible Says About Gambling

Is it just harmless fun?

Is Gambling a Sin?

The Bible does not discuss gambling in detail, so how can we know what God’s view is?


Pornography—Harmless or Toxic?

What effect does viewing pornography have on individuals and families?

Does the Bible Condemn Pornography?

If you wish to please God, find out how he feels about pornography.

Why Reject Pornography?

What do pornography and smoking have in common?

What if I’m Addicted to Pornography?

The Bible can help you to understand pornography for what it is.