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The Bible’s Historical Accuracy

Bible Lands and Places

Egypt in Bible History

Do secular history and archaeology agree with what the Bible says about this ancient land?

Assyria in Bible History

Does secular history agree with the Bible’s description of ancient Assyria? Consider the facts.

Babylon in Bible History

Why was God’s prophecy about Babylon’s destruction outstanding?

Medo-Persia in Bible History

Learn how God used Medo-Persia to fulfill Bible prophecy.

Greece in Bible History

Learn how Greece became the fifth world power in Bible history.

Rome in Bible History

What role did ancient Rome play in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy?

Ancient Records Confirm the Location of an Israelite Tribe

The Samaria Ostraca confirms details of historical information found in the Bible.

The Fall of Nineveh

When the Assyrian Empire reached its greatest heights, God’s prophet foretold something unexpected.

Did You Know?—July 2015

The Bible says that parts of the Promised Land were forested. Considering its deforested condition today, could that have really been the case?

Did You Know?—April 2013

Why was ancient Nineveh called “the city of bloodshed”? Why did the ancient Jews build parapets around their rooftops?

People of the Bible

Did You Know?​—March 2020

What evidence exists outside the Bible that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt?

Moses—Man or Myth?

Is there reason to believe that Moses really existed?

A Bible Name on an Ancient Jar

The shards of a 3,000-year-old jar unearthed in 2012 stirred the interest of researchers. What was so special about this find?

Archaeological Discovery Points to King David as a Historical Person

Some critics argue that King David of Israel is a myth, a tribal legend. What have archaeologists discovered?

Did You Know?​—February 2020

How does archaeology confirm the role of Belshazzar of Babylon?

Portraits From the Past—Cyrus the Great

Who was Cyrus, and what amazing predictions were made perhaps 150 years before he was even born?

Another Bit of Archaeological Evidence

You may not know who Tattenai was, yet archaeological finds that mention him prove a powerful point.

Did John the Baptist Really Exist?

The first-century historian Josephus viewed John the Baptist as a real person. So can we.

Did Jesus Really Exist?

What do ancient and modern authorities say on the subject?

Does the Bible Contain an Accurate Record of Jesus’ Life?

Consider facts about the Gospel accounts and the oldest known manuscripts.

She Belonged to the Family of Caiaphas

The discovery of Miriam’s ossuary provides evidence that the Bible speaks of real people who belonged to real families.

Did You Know?​—November 2015

Why did Joseph shave before seeing Pharaoh? When the Bible says that Timothy’s father was “a Greek,” does it mean that he was born in Greece?

Did You Know?​—May 2015

Does archaeology support the Bible record? When did lions disappear from Bible lands?

Bible Events

The Story of Noah and the Great Flood​—Is It Just a Myth?

The Bible says that God once caused a great flood to destroy wicked people. What facts does the Bible present to support its claim of divine origin?

Did Our Languages Come From the “Tower of Babel”?

What is the Tower of Babel? What is the real origin of human language?

Did You Know?​—June 2022

Would the Romans permit a normal burial for someone, such as Jesus, whom they had executed on the stake?

Reasons to Trust the Bible—Historical Soundness

Is the Bible historically accurate even in minor details?

Reasons to Trust the Bible—Fulfilled Prophecy

The Bible is filled with predictions, or prophecies. Did any of them come true?

Good News for All Mankind​—Accurate Bible Prophecy

Jesus spent his life declaring “the good news of the kingdom.” Did his message die with him?

Ancient Egyptian Relief Corroborates a Bible Account

Learn how an ancient Egyptian inscription supports the truthfulness of the Bible.

Is the Bible’s Depiction of the Jewish Exile in Babylon Accurate?

Do secular sources confirm the living conditions that God said the Jews would experience in Babylonian exile?

Questions From Readers​—November 2015

What evidence is there that the ancient city of Jericho was conquered without a long siege?

Did You Know?—October 2012

Did Christians flee from Judea before Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 C.E.? Who were “the sons of the prophets”?

Life in Bible Times

The Type of Vehicle Used by the Ethiopian Eunuch

What type of vehicle was the Ethiopian eunuch riding in when Philip approached him?

Questions From Readers​—October 2023

Did the Israelites have anything to eat in the wilderness besides manna and quail?

Ancient Brickmaking Supports the Bible Record

How do bricks and brickmaking methods discovered among the ruins of ancient Babylon support the Bible record?

Did You Know?​—June 2022

How were years and months determined in Bible times?

Ancient Seals​—What Were They?

Why were ancient seals so important, and how did kings and rulers use them?

‘Out of the Mountains You Will Mine Copper’

Recent archaeological finds shed light on the use of copper in Bible times.

The Use of Cosmetics in Bible Times

What did women in Bible times use to enhance their beauty?

Did You Know?​—October 2017

What Jewish practice caused Jesus to condemn the swearing of oaths?

Did You Know?​—The Watchtower No. 5 2017

Was it not insulting for Jesus to refer to non-Jews as “little dogs”?

Did You Know?—June 2017

Why did Jesus say that the merchants who sold animals in the temple were “robbers”?

Did You Know?​—October 2016

How much freedom did Rome grant to the Jewish authorities in Judea in the first century? And is it believable that in ancient times someone would actually oversow another man’s field with weeds?

Did You Know?—December 2015

Did Jews really come “from every nation under heaven” to Jerusalem at Pentecost 33 C.E.? How were the thousands who came to Jerusalem for the Jewish festivals accommodated?

Did You Know?—March 2015

How was Roman citizenship an advantage for the apostle Paul? How were shepherds paid in Bible times?

Did You Know?​—May 2014

Why did the Jews ask Pilate to have Jesus’ legs broken? Could David have really killed Goliath with just a sling?

Did You Know?​—February 2014

What were the aloes used in Bible times? What offerings were acceptable at the temple in Jerusalem?

Did You Know?—January 2014

In Jesus’ day, how were temple contributions made? Was the Bible writer Luke an accurate historian?