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Bible Translators

They Valued the Bible​—Excerpt (William Tyndale)

His love for the Bible was evident in his work, which we still benefit from today.

They Valued the Bible

William Tyndale and Michael Servetus are two of the many that, despite opposition and the threat of death, risked their lives and reputations to defend Bible truth.

Two Translators Who Restored God’s Name to the New Testament

Why did God’s name need to be restored? Does it really matter?

Huldrych Zwingli’s Search for Bible Truth

In the 16th-century, Zwingli discovered many Bible truths and helped others do the same. What can we learn from his life and convictions?

Desiderius Erasmus

He has been called the “Renaissance equivalent of today’s international celebrity.” What made him famous?

Bedell’s Bible—One Small Step to Better Bible Understanding

For 300 years, this translation held a unique place.

Elias Hutter and His Remarkable Hebrew Bibles

Elias Hutter, a 16th-century scholar, published two Bibles in Hebrew that were especially valuable.

Lefèvre d’Étaples​—He Wanted the Common People to Know God’s Word

How did he strive to achieve that goal despite opposition?