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Bible Manuscripts

An Ancient Manuscript Supports God’s Name

See the evidence that the divine name belongs in the “New Testament.”

Rescuing an Ancient Gem From the Trash

The Rylands fragment of the Gospel of John is the oldest manuscript of the Christian Greek Scriptures ever found.

An Ancient Scroll “Unwrapped”

In 1970 archaeologists unearthed a charred scroll in Israel. Thanks to a 3-D scanning technique, the scroll was “unwrapped.” What has the scan revealed?

The Bible Survived Decay

Bible writers and copyists used parchments and papyrus to record the Bible’s message. How have such ancient writings survived until our day?

Why You Can Trust the Biblical Gospels

Consider evidence established by ancient manuscripts.

Does the Bible Contain an Accurate Record of Jesus’ Life?

Consider facts about the Gospel accounts and the oldest known manuscripts.