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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Help for the Family

The family can be a haven of love and a refuge from daily stresses. You can make that ideal into a reality for your family by applying practical advice from the Bible.

Note: Some names of persons quoted in the “Couples & Parents” and “Teenagers” sections have been changed.


Couples & Parents

Dealing With Differences

Have you ever felt that you and your spouse are incompatible?

Preparing Teens for Adulthood

Are you raising a teenager? If so, how can you help your child become a responsible adult?


Why Learn a New Language?

What are the challenges? And what are the rewards?

What if I’m Being Bullied?

Many who are bullied feel helpless. This article explains what can be done to improve the situation.


Reaching Out (Song 84)

There are many different ways you can reach out to help others.

Noah Has Faith in God

At God’s direction, Noah built an ark to save his family from the Flood. What can you learn about faith in God from the story of Noah and the Flood?