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Imitate Their Faith​—Bible Characters Brought to Life

This series brings to life the men and women in the Bible who showed outstanding faith. a These Bible characters and their examples of faith can help you to build your own faith and draw closer to God.

A separate series of videos also entitled Imitate Their Faith can help you to learn even more from faithful Bible characters.

a To help you visualize the scenes and immerse yourself in these stories of faith, the articles in this series include some details that are not found in the Bible. These details are carefully researched to ensure that they are in harmony with the Bible account as well as historical records and archaeological findings.

Creation to the Flood

Abel​—“He, Although He Died, Yet Speaks”

What can we learn about Abel and his faith when so little is said about him in the Bible?

Enoch—“He Had Pleased God Well”

If you provide for a family or struggle to stand up for what is right, you can learn from the faith of Enoch.

Noah—He “Walked With the True God”

Noah and his wife faced what challenges in raising their children? How did they show faith in building the ark?

Noah—He Was Kept “Safe With Seven Others”

How did Noah and his family survive the darkest hour humanity had ever known?

The Flood to the Exodus

Abram​—“The Father of All Those Having Faith”

How did Abram show faith? In what ways would you like to imitate the faith of Abram?

Sarah—“What a Beautiful Woman You Are”

In Egypt, Pharaoh’s princes notice Sarah’s stunning beauty. What happens next may surprise you.

Sarah—God Called Her “Princess”

Why was this new name appropriate for Sarah?

Rebekah—“I Am Willing to Go”

In addition to faith, Rebekah demonstrated several outstanding qualities.

Joseph—“Please Listen to This Dream”

Joseph’s complicated family background provides a valuable lesson for those in stepfamilies today.

Joseph—“How Could I Commit This Great Badness?”

How did Joseph resist the determined efforts of Potiphar’s wife to seduce him?

Joseph—“Do Not Interpretations Belong to God?”

What enabled Joseph to boldly interpret the dreams of Egypt’s chief cupbearer, chief baker, and Pharaoh? How did Joseph go from prison to palace in just one day?

Joseph—“Am I in the Place of God?”

Has your family ever experienced jealousy, betrayal, or hatred? If so, the Bible’s account of Joseph can help you.

Job—“I Will Not Renounce My Integrity!”

How can the Bible story of Job help us to face hardship, misfortune, or other tests of our faith?

Job​—Jehovah Healed His Pain

Nothing would frustrate Satan more, or delight the loving heart of Jehovah more, than if we were to imitate the faith of Job!

Miriam​—“Sing to Jehovah”!

Miriam the prophetess was inspired to lead Israel’s women in a song of victory at the Red Sea. Her life is a lesson in courage, faith, and humility.

The Exodus to Israel’s First King

Rahab—She Was “Declared Righteous by Works”

How does Rahab’s story show that none of us are insignificant to Jehovah? What can we learn from her faith?

Deborah—“I Arose as a Mother in Israel”

What can the Bible’s account of Deborah teach us about faith and courage?

Ruth​—“Where You Go I Shall Go”

Why was Ruth willing to leave her family and homeland? What qualities did she demonstrate that made her valuable to Jehovah?

Ruth​—“An Excellent Woman”

Why is Ruth and Boaz’ marriage significant? What can we learn from Ruth and Naomi about family?

Hannah—She Opened Her Heart to God in Prayer

Hannah’s faith in Jehovah helped her to cope with what seemed like an impossible situation.

Samuel—He “Continued Growing Up With Jehovah”

What was unusual about Samuel’s childhood? What helped his faith to grow when he was at the tabernacle?

Samuel—He Endured Despite Disappointments

All of us face hardships and disappointments that challenge our faith. What can Samuel’s endurance teach us?

Israel’s First King to Jesus’ Birth

Jonathan​—“Nothing Can Hinder Jehovah”

Jonathan led a two-man attack against an entire outpost of armed men, and the outcome made history.

David—“The Battle Belongs to Jehovah”

What enabled David to vanquish Goliath? What can we learn from David’s story?

David and Jonathan​—“Bound Together in Close Friendship”

How did two people so different in background and age become such close friends? How can their experience help you form friendships today?

Abigail—She Acted With Discretion

What can we learn from Abigail’s difficult marital situation?

Elijah—He Stood Up for Pure Worship

How can we imitate Elijah when dealing with those who disagree with what the Bible teaches?

Elijah—He Watched, and He Waited

How did the prophet Elijah show a prayerful attitude while he waited for Jehovah to fulfill his promise?

Elijah—He Took Comfort in His God

What events led Elijah to become very low in spirits, so low that he even asked to die?

Elijah—He Endured in the Face of Injustice

Have you been a victim of injustice? Do you long to see God set matters right? Consider how you can imitate faithful Elijah.

Elijah​—He Endured to the End

Elijah’s example of faithful endurance can help us to strengthen our own faith during troubled times.

Jonah—He Learned From His Mistakes

Can you sympathize with Jonah’s fear of accepting an assignment? His story teaches us valuable lessons about Jehovah’s patience and mercy.

Jonah—He Learned a Lesson in Mercy

How can the account about Jonah help us to take an honest look at ourselves?

Esther—She Stood Up for God’s People

Showing self-sacrificing love like Esther takes faith and courage.

Esther—She Acted Wisely, Bravely, and Selflessly

How did Esther act unselfishly for Jehovah and for his people?

Jesus’ Birth to the Death of the Apostles

Mary​—“Look! Jehovah’s Slave Girl!”

What does Mary’s response to the angel Gabriel reveal about her faith? What other valuable qualities did she display?

Mary—She Drew “Conclusions in Her Heart”

Mary’s experiences in Bethlehem strengthened her faith in Jehovah’s promises.

Mary—She Survived the Sword of Grief

The example of Mary, the mother of Jesus, can help you if you are facing the “long sword” of grief.

Joseph—He Protected, He Provided, He Persevered

In what ways did Joseph protect his family? Why did he take Mary and Jesus to Egypt?

Martha​—“I Have Believed”

How did Martha show remarkable faith even during a time of grief?

Mary Magdalene​—“I Have Seen the Lord!”

This faithful woman was entrusted with the privilege of sharing good news with others.

Peter—He Fought Against Fear and Doubt

Doubt can be a powerful, destructive force. But Peter overcame his fear and doubts about following Jesus.

Peter—He Was Loyal in the Face of Tests

How did Peter’s faith and loyalty help him to accept correction from Jesus?

Peter—He Learned Forgiveness From the Master

What did Jesus teach Peter about forgiveness? How did Jesus prove he had forgiven Peter?

Timothy—“My Beloved and Faithful Child in the Lord”

What helped transform Timothy from a shy youth to an outstanding Christian overseer?